McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady’s Margin of Error Is 19.21%

McHenry Township Assessor has turned in her fourth year of real estate assessments and they show a margin of error of 19.21%.

The margin of error, called the “Coefficient of Dispersion” by the Illinois Department of Revenue, measures how uniform property tax assessments are in a jurisdiction.

The three-year level of assessments for McHenry Township real estate is 31.15%.

Because state law mandates that property be assessed at 33.3%, Mahady’s underassessment meams the McHenry County assessment office will impose what are commonly called “township multipliers” to increase the three-year average to one-one third of market value.

What does a 19.21% margin of error mean?

Let’s assume local sales taxes were still five percent.  (I know one has to go a long way back to have paid that little, but this is just an illustration.)

And, let’s assume Mahady’s margin of error were slightly higher at 20%.

If three people bought $100 worth of groceries,

  • one would be charged $5 sales tax
  • another would be charged $4 sales tax and
  • the third would be charged $6 in sales tax

McHenry Township homeowners are treated just a bit better than that.

Another way of looking at the margin of error statistic is that after the County raises assessments with a uniform township multiplier of about 7.3%

  • half of McHenry Township homeowners will be assessed between 30.9%and 35.7% and
  • the other half will be assessed higher or lower


McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady’s Margin of Error Is 19.21% — 4 Comments

  1. Mahardy should be impeached! She’s already gone on record saying she’s going to be a double dipper! I.e., keep her Township sinecure AND State Senate job (assuming the moof wins).

    That’s the problem with pigs at the government trough!

  2. Mahady! She’s a libtard! Why is she raising prominent GOP homeowners’ taxes, while reducing her own! And the LGBT weirdos she’s cultivating in the Democratic party?

  3. Never be able hold job in real world with Margine of error at half of that and she says she can handle being double dipper seems can’t do the job taxpayers paying her do now

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