Number of Illinois Congressional House Seats at Risk After 2020 Census

From the office of Steve Reick:

Illinois Loses 88,000 People During Economic Recovery

The U.S. Census’s ongoing study of American population growth and movement patterns indicates that Illinois’ population is shrinking in size.

The Land of Lincoln has about 88,000 fewer people than in 2013.

Should these trends continue, Illinois will be on track to relinquish at least one and possibly two congressional districts after the 2020 census.

Illinois currently has 18 U.S. representatives, down from 26 as recently as 1953.

Political consultant Drew Veeneman prepared this 2012 congressional map for Illinois.

Illinois’ shrinking population is attributed to high taxes, disproportionate non-tax burdens on employment such as workers’ compensation and the cost of medical care, and an increasingly aggressive eagerness by other states to develop a pro-business climate.

A study in 2016 by the nonpartisan Paul Simon Institute found that nearly half of the Illinoisans surveyed expressed a desire to leave Illinois.

For many other states, including neighboring states such as Iowa and Wisconsin, this percentage is below 10%.


Number of Illinois Congressional House Seats at Risk After 2020 Census — 10 Comments

  1. The source of Illinois problems do not lie with the ‘gerrymandered’ Congressional districts. The source of the problem are those who vote and the legal residents who do NOT vote.

    What are the greatest problems in our state next to the fact we spend too much on social welfare problems for illegal aliesn?

    1. Constitutional guaranteed public sector pensions (caused by voters)

    2. Closed union shops in the public sector (caused by voters who keep electing socialists and communists disguised as Democrats)

    3. Prevailing Wage laws (same cause as number 2).

    Our State’s problems can not be resolved in D.C. They must be resolved in Springfield. Start by voting for Ives statewide and Wilcox locally.

  2. Had another thought. Recently there was a post relative to the salary of the D-155 Superintendent. Ask yourself, was this caused by the voters who chose to elect Teacher / Admin friendly School Board members in place of the alternative (taxpayer friendly members)?

    D-200 had the same opportunity with the same result.

    Now ask yourself, how many voters did not vote because they home school and could care less about who sits on the school board? Maybe if we forced ALL children into public education, more people would really give a damn that their children are being taught by the likes of a prolific poster on this blog!

  3. Another big reason is the unethical and corruption that goes on in our state! From Madigan to Franks to Cook County to CPS to Rauner to so called Local Republicans (Althoff, Shepley, Skala, Aavang and many more in this County) who all look out for their own self interest! They are the ones who own how this towns, county and state are! They have no interest in truely fixing anything! If they did can someone please tell everyone what ideas they actually have!?

  4. There’s been an “economic recovery” in Illinois ?
    Is that why tens of thousands are moving out of state
    and more than that who plan on doing the same as soon as possible ?

  5. I hope one of those stupid Democrats buys my house so I can leave too.

  6. If losing two US Reps from Illinois, too bad that redistricting process would not allow getting rid of 2 reps from Chicago or Crook County.

  7. The exodus in AGI has been going on for decades now, with barely a whisper addressing it, by your Political Class.

    But now comes Trump’s big F You to Democratic high tax hellholes like Illinois. Will this prompt high earners, who pay most of the bills to bolt for the exits? Will reality finally hit Illinois Pols when these high earners see what’s in store for them if they stay, when looking at 2018 filings and say “no thanks Illinois’.

    It’s guaranteed to only get worse.

  8. According to Democrats such as Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc, high earners are NOT paying enough in taxes, not paying their fair share. Democrats Dick Durbin, Rahm Emanuel and Madigan should invite the troika of Sanders, Pelosi and Schumer to come to Illinois and make a number of speeches around the State to ask high earners to stay put in Illinois, pay their fair share and more to bail out the State.

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