Literature Piece – Joe Tirio for County Clerk

Candidate for County Clerk and current County Recorder Joe Tirio took the opportunity to have literature available at Jeanne Ive’s January 23rd event at the McHenry VFW.

Joe Tirio is running to seamlessly merge the Recorder and Clerk’s Offices together, provided voters approve of the consolidation via referendum on the March 20th ballot.



Literature Piece – Joe Tirio for County Clerk — 11 Comments

  1. There are only three things I can say about Joe Tirio:
    1) He’s scrupulously honest. He does what’s what’s best for the public when people are looking and when they’re not.
    2) He’s a smart, competent, experienced businessman, which means he has the skill to find ways to make the office more efficient.
    3) He’s a really, really nice guy.

  2. Steve: You’re 100% on target with your assessment of Joe Tirio.

    I’ve known many political figures in my life, and Joe is second to none!

    Vote Joe Tirio.

  3. I’ve never met the man but I’m thoroughly impressed by him. He says what he’ll do and he does what he says. That, if you haven’t noticed, is an extremely rare quality for someone in politics. Look at Franks if you want to make a comparison.

  4. Open Up Wide people!
    Joe’s coming with more Bull$hit for you!
    Stay Tuned..

  5. Tirios have accomplished specific victories for taxpayers, using their own resources.

    *Education of public about negative value of TIF, and Research and participation leading to dismantling Lakewood TIF.

    *School board meeting watchdogging leading to forced public disclosures of relevant actions such as superintendant bonus and early contract renegotiation terms.

    * integral research and public education of school board boondoggle including artificial turf sports field in Woodstock schools.

    *Joe Tirio conceived, researched, and fought against entrenched political powers to advance the notion of doing away with patronage position of County Recorder through consolidation.

    …To name a few.

  6. Susan, that’s a lot of good stuff. Your endorsement and Jim Tobin’s of Taxpayers United of America is all I need to hear! TUA says:

    “Mr. Tirio has pledged to support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of Illinois taxpayers.

    “To that end, Mr. Tirio is focused on consolidating the functions of the County Clerk and Recorder’s offices by the end of his first term, simultaneously reducing government and saving tax dollars.

    “Mr. Tirio has expressed an exceptional desire to fight taxes and support economic growth in Illinois, so I urge voters to support Mr. Tirio’s candidacy and help elect a true tax fighter to the office of McHenry County Recorder.”

  7. Joe Tirio was one of the organizers and sponsors of this event, along with Allen Skillicorn and Craig Wilcox.
    Thanks to all for bringing this Candidate out to McHenry County. If anyone can get her exposure here, it’ll be these guys!

    Heard that she just came from attending Chuck Wheeler’s County Board fundraiser so kudos to him too for getting her the most out of her trip out here.

  8. Joe has done GREAT eliminating the Recorder position but we all must ask what he knows about running the Clerks office. This is a whole different thing. I will indeed vote for him, but I sure hope he has not bitten off more than he can chew.

  9. Thank you to those of you who shared kind words, I appreciate your support. We have accomplished a great deal, and the good news is, there are still many more opportunities! I look forward to the upcoming election and to continue to work for the great people of this County. Thanks again!

    To SamTruth: The Clerk’s office is obviously different, but I’ve been studying hard and have networked with numerous Clerks from around the state. There’s a lot of information out there, much in statute and more from the State Board of Elections. It would put most to sleep, but I’m practically an insomniac, so its perfect! Thank you for your support as well.

  10. Joe,
    Thank You for responding! It is appreciated! I was not dogging you. I am just concerned that you are stepping into something you were not prepared for. The recorders office runs itself and the recorder before you showed by only coming in a couple times a month. This office on the other hand requires knowledge of elections, mappings, taxes, vital records, and so many other things. You are easily the best running candidate, but I had to question what experience you had with this stuff. I would have personally rather seen someone with a lot of time in the office and experience run but as we know Mary has fired most of them. You do have my vote and I wish you well.

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