Cary Grade School Board Alumni Caucus Likely on Next McHenry County Board

Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen was the first person who had served on Cary Grade School District 26 to serve on the McHenry County Board.

He was appointed to replace Nick Provenzano when Provenzano resigned to become the District honcho for Congressman Randy Hultgren.

Christensen was recommended by the McHenry County Republican Party and then McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller, followed the party’s recommendation.

After County Board member Andrew Gasser was elected Algonquin Township Road Commissioner, he resigned from the County Board.

Chris Spoerl

The Republican Party had originally recommended two candidates–David Stieper and Ralph Sasso.

Although Spoerl did not apply to be recommended by the County’s GOP Central Committee, he was added at the last minute when one of the party’s recommendations–Sasso–found Democratic Party Board Chairman Jack Franks’ questionnaire too invasive.

Gasser’s seat was filled by former D26 Board President Christopher Spoerl when Franks put his name forward for County Board approval.

Now former Cary Grade School Board member Josh Howell, who ran for the D26 Board with Christensen is one of two candidates for two Republican nominations for a District 2 seat on the County Board.

There are two Democrats on the ballot, but, given past voting history, it is unlikely that one of them will win.

If Spoerl and Howell win, there will be three County Board members who have served on the Cary Grade School Board.

One will be from District 1.

Another will be from District 2.

The third will be from District 3.


Cary Grade School Board Alumni Caucus Likely on Next McHenry County Board — 3 Comments

  1. @nob it is not the districts that are formed it is the lack of people running in districts! But it is Moe, Larry and Curly show for that district!

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