Harold Ducks Debate Challenge

GOP Attorney General Candidate Grasso Challenges Opponent Erika Harold to Debates

A press release from former Mayor of Burr Ridge, and current DuPage County Board Member Gary Grasso.

Grasso is running in the Republican Primary for Attorney General against Erika Harold. https://www.garygrasso.com

Springfield, IL Republican Attorney General candidate Gary Grasso is challenging his opponent Erika Harold to a series of debates throughout the state of Illinois.

Hinsdale / Burr Ridge Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Gary Grasso, former Mayor of Burr Ridge.

In a letter, Grasso sent to Erika Harold, Grasso stated, “The office of Attorney General is an important and powerful position in Illinois government.

The voters deserve to hear from us on what we plan to do if elected to serve as the State’s Chief Legal Counsel…As candidates, we owe it to voters to have an open and honest debate on what our legislative agenda will be if elected to serve.”

Grasso is proposing a series of debates in Chicago, Springfield, Quincy, Peoria, Belleville, Carbondale and the Chicago Suburbs. Grasso sent the letter to Miss Harold last week and has yet to hear from her campaign.

“It is my hope my opponent will agree to these debates,” Grasso said.

“Republicans have the opportunity to win this office for the first time in 16 years. It is important for Republican party voters to have the opportunity to hear us discuss our ideas and make up their own minds on who they will support in the March primary, with only 49 days until the election.”

Grasso is the former Mayor of Burr Ridge, the current Chairman of the DuPage County 911 Board, and he is currently a two term Member of the DuPage County Board.

He is a litigation attorney with almost forty years of court experience. Gary and his wife Janet Ryan Grasso have been married for 39 years, and together they have six children and three grandchildren.

A copy of the letter Grasso sent to the Erika Harold campaign can be found here.


Harold Ducks Debate Challenge — 3 Comments

  1. Let us hope that the Rauner money is not influencing Erika’s campaign decisions.

    Has she been told to not upstage the guy with all the money?

  2. After harping on Rauner so much for not debating Ives (which he finally did), will Harold be held to the same standard by GOP voters?

    All I ever hear about her is that she won a Miss America pageant a long time ago and she is against bullying…

    Maybe she isn’t ready for prime time!

  3. Word is that Erika Harold hasn’t even taken a case to trial as a lead attorney. If she was a Democrat hat wouldn’t surprise me, but she seems like a total lightweight. No wonder Brucie Rauner is paying her off.

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