Headline Sparks Response from County Clerk

Knee jerk reaction? You decide.

Writers create headlines to grab a reader’s attention.

In yesterday’s article “Sample Ballots for March Primary Not Available on County Clerk’s Website” McHenry County Blog did just that.

If one were to read the first half of the article it would be understood that

“a friend of McHenry County Blog from a rural township let me know their sample ballot was not available. At this point, only a portion of ballots are available to voters.”

The reaction McHenry County Blog received from County Clerk Mary McClellan was shocking.

A early photo of Mary McClellan running as a Republican for the McHenry County Board.

The subject of the email received from McClellan’s personal email account read “Why are you posting false information”

While the body of the email stated “The ballot finder has been up for 5 days this is slander”

McHenry County Blog posts things that come directly from residents. The exact email McHenry County Blog received from a friend about early sample ballots read:

“The Clerk’s Office still has not provided Sample Ballots on line.  I was told by her staff that they have to be on line by the first day of early voting.  What good is that if you’re trying to find some information for your district etc., etc.. First day of early voting is Feb 8th.”

If what County Clerk Mary McClellan wrote is true, that sample ballots have been online for 5 days, why is her staff telling residents otherwise?

County Clerk Mary McClellan has informed McHenry County Blog that sample ballots are ready for viewing for every precinct. You can search the info here.

If you find otherwise, please make the County Clerk’s office aware of the situation.


Headline Sparks Response from County Clerk — 30 Comments

  1. Just put in the street number and the name of the road. The locator choked on me when I tried to put in road under ‘Street Type’. Don’t put anything under ‘Direction’ or ‘Post Direction’ either.

    This appears to be a rather amateurish effort on the part of the Clerk’s Office.

    As an aside, Ms McClellan is an attorney who wishes to be a judge. She really should know the difference between libel and slander, and why the original post by “a friend of McHenry County Blog from a rural township” was neither.

  2. This is the dumbest search I have ever seen. 5 minutes later still no results. Anther failed attempt from the clerks office. Glad she will be gone soon!

  3. It told me that my address wasn’t a valid address. Guess I haven’t been living here for twenty years. This woman wants to be a judge now? Yea right, only a moron would vote for her.

  4. Funny, I put in my house number, street name and before my finger was off of the “enter” button I had three (3) ballots to review – Republican, Democrat and Non-Partisan. As my tech support friends would say, those of you who can’t get the ballot finder to work have a PEBCAC issue.

  5. Typical distortion by an attorney – yes ballot finder has been up but all the ballots are still not available.

    Do you really want her to be a judge?

    Just keyed in 2211 Timberline and NO ELECTIONS AVAILABLE.

    Keyed in 427 Krenz and NO ELECTIONS AVAILABLE.

    Keyed in 6529 Rowland and voila got a ballot sample.

    I have pictures of the screen for when what appears to be a lying Mary takes Cal to court.

    Obviously her contractor has not yet posted all the sample ballots.

    May want to ask Mary where the computer that is used to display sample ballots is located.

    Does everyone know the background of SCYTL?

  6. No idea who ‘Big Orange’ is but obviously he / she is quick to jump to conclusions. Key in addresses for different precincts to do a more rigorous verification of what the Clerk posted.

  7. Mine did not work. Living here at this address for 30 yrs and it says NO SUCH STREET NUMBER. Tried with just street number and name. IT IS MESSED UP!!

  8. Just tried it with my next door neighbors address. Her address came up identical 2 times to choose from.and my address NOT AT ALL.

  9. To those having issues, maybe a computer class at MCC could help you.

  10. Maybe ‘onlythefacts’ should take one of Angel’s classes for English as a second language.

  11. Connect? Well, that site doesn’t work either! Nice work from a clerk that is a complete incompetent.

  12. This comments in this post reminds me of the movie Dumb and Dumber.
    Which one of you can win the biggest prize for stupid?
    Well let’s see.

  13. only? You are the one that is dumb. You get the prize! I have had NO problem being a registered voter for forty-four years at THIS address, yet Mary’s computer problems cannot see me. None of Mary’s incompetent sites work. What about those statements do YOU not understand? You need to go take a course in critical thinking and stop denigrating folks that are telling you the truth!

  14. only- I have been pulling up ballots for many,many years. I never miss on ANY election. NEVER HAD PROBLEMS UNTIL MARY TOOK OVER!!!

  15. onlythe sounds like Mary or her equally incompetent hubby. (That would also explain the inability to think critically.)

  16. HOW ,ANY PEOPLE MAY OF BEEN DELETED DUE TO SWEEP??? Most people do not pull up ballots. Are they going to vote and find that they are not on the rolls??? SOMETHING SMELLS!!!

  17. CONNECT == thank you it shows that I am on the roll.

  18. Just tried to locate a ballot to see what all the howling’s about.

    “Down for Maintenance” 9:51 CST

  19. The smell of corruption hangs heavy in the air around McCalellan.

  20. I did get it to work for my address today, but it hadn’t last week. I tried several addresses in my precinct, but all I got was a message that said there aren’t any elections for my precinct. Onlythefacts, you’re not only small minded, you’re also very rude. That won’t impact my day, or anyone else, but grab a mirror. You are RUDE!

  21. Mary McClellan was sanctioned by the federal court in Chicago in late 2014 for her participation in the Cook County State’s Attorney Office’s scheme to hide evidence in a federal civil rights case. The judge expressly found that she acted in bad faith. She foolishly appealed that sanctions order to the Seventh Circuit. The Seventh Circuit agreed with the trial judge’s findings about Mary. The Seventh Circuit further noted that if her potential employers asked her whether she has ever been investigated for misconduct that she would have to truthfully answer “yes.”

    Why isn’t the Northwest Herald asking Mary this question? You’d think it’d be important in a judicial race for the local paper to report about a potential judge’s history of misconduct as a lawyer.

  22. UnEthicalMcClellan.com

    That should answer any questions as to whether this disaster should be elected to the McHenry County Judicial system.


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