McHenry County Clerk’s Online “Sample Ballot Locator” Down for Maintenance

No Sample Ballots Currently Available

Two stories about primary ballots posted on McHenry County Blog prompted readers to seek out information on the County Clerk’s website.

The website has been down for maintenance.

Snapshot of the Clerk’s website that is currently down for maintenance.


McHenry County Clerk’s Online “Sample Ballot Locator” Down for Maintenance — 23 Comments

  1. LOL What a trainwreck! McClellan could screw up an Easter Egg Hunt.

  2. Well, I’m just so glad McClellan is ‘working with Jack Franks on closing down and moving all our polling places.’
    Can you imagine the Clusterfnck this election is going to be…again!
    Is this gross Incompetence or by design?
    You decide.

  3. Ok I just talked to clerks office and the ballots are not official as there is pending objections these are only samples. You have nothing here but a bunch of nothing. Maintenance is done all the time to websites especially when the information is constantly changing.

  4. Swampbuggy, either that or she’s too busy commenting on this blog during working hours instead of fixing the problem.
    But then again, I’m starting to pick up what MegsMom is laying down.

  5. Re: ” as there is pending objections these are only samples”

    More effluent from the sewage tank!! What objections? Last time I checked, the Committeemen objections were ruled on and Reinert withdrew!

    What objection is still outstanding?

    Her response to Cal was typical attorney BS. While what she said was true, the website was up five days ago but the ballots were not all populated in the data base as recently as this morning.

    What is amazing that this devious waste of human skin (my opinion) will still get votes on March 20!!

  6. McClellan is a serial CROOK, a liar, falsifier and she was actually caught at it by federal judges.

    Perfect for the Mchenry Co. Bench!

    “McClellan, who left the state’s attorney’s office earlier this year after being elected McHenry County clerk, said she was “disturbed” by the court’s decision.

    “I pride myself on being an attorney and being honest and being forthright,” she said. “As an attorney, you take the position that you advocated for our client, but you always have ethical obligations as an individual, which I take very seriously.” “

  7. Where’s Eddy? The great backyard fixer upper that saves us SO much money with his professional abilities.

  8. Ballots now appear to be available.

    All the Clerk had to do yesterday was be honest and state that some ballots had not yet been posted.

    Instead she went Postal!!

    If she is elected as a judge, I will reconsider my current choice of residence.

  9. There are four lawyers vying for one plum job in the judge’s race.

    If it’s not a blowout win for one of the candidates, expect lawsuits.

  10. LOL Where’s FairPlay with their accusations about how stupid we are in computer skills?

  11. My apologies FairPlay. It was onlythefacts that was the nitwit I should have cited. (Sorry, but they look pretty much alike.)

  12. The contractor who posts the sample ballots is the same contractor who collects the election results. How much trust do you place in the contractor?

  13. Tried this just now and it still doesn’t work. I’ve been here 40 yrs!!!

  14. I’m thinking we may have stumbled across the cause of the problems. Has anyone that has had problems with these sites EVER been registered ANYWHERE as a Democrat? Hmmm.

  15. . Cindy is the boy who cried wolf.
    Some of you may know him as the nut job that likes to yell out “FIRE” In a crowded room.
    Cindy is also a man who would like you to believe he is a woman because No woman would tell another woman she belongs at home barefoot and pregnant.
    He also likes to spend every waking moment here on this blog passing judgment on others as if he were Christ almighty.
    He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

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