Nunda Township Assessments – Level and Uniformity

Nunda Township Assessor Mark Dzmske

Nunda Township assessments three-year median average for 2017 is 31.8%.

Because that is lower than the 33.3% that state law mandates, McHenry County will increase each parcel’s assessment with what is commonly called a “township multiplier.”

The level of uniformity is measured by what the Illinois Revenue Department calls a “Coefficient of Dispersion.”

To make the measure easier to comprehend, I call it a “margin of error.”

Nunda Township’s margin of error for the bills to be mailed out this spring is 16.13%.


Nunda Township Assessments – Level and Uniformity — 4 Comments

  1. Jagla, the old Assessor for Nunda, told me that Dzemske keeps calling him because, in Jagla’s words, ‘he can’t handle it.” The ‘it’ meaning his job at assessing.

    –Guess that explains everything one needs to know about Nunda’s vaunted ASSessor.

    Jagla said, laughingly, that he was ‘sick and tired’ of Jagla calling him so much, so he thinks he should be paid a consultancy!

  2. Right Justin. Reliable feedback from a guy who can’t keep track of where his primary residence is.

  3. The biggest mistake I made was not making Mark Assessor when I could have.

    Jagla lived in Lake County and got a sweet deal from the Cunats.

    How much did the Goode Olde Boyz benefit from Jagla?

  4. Mark did the major work in that office long before Jagla came through.

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