Illinois State Board of Education Seeking Applicants for Storytellers

Spokeswoman Says Three Storytellers to be Hired at $47,400 Minimum Salary

Amid School-Funding issues throughout the state, The Illinois State Board of Education has an online job posting for Storytellers.

The driving factor in skyrocketing tax bills, approximately 70% of your property taxes goes to pubic schools.

Some believe this is a disguised attempt at public relations for a school system that has been under performing and overspending beyond residents’ means.

Leslie Schermerhorn was asking people if they had library cards during the 2013 Marengo parade.

The ISBE posted this on their website regarding the position

“Imagine coming to work every day to tell positive stories of teachers, students, and parents who are doing incredible work to drive equity and change for each and every child.

As a lead storyteller, this position lives at the intersection of policy and communications through finding, humanizing, and telling the stories of important work happening in classrooms around the state.

In conjunction with the communications and programmatic strategy, you will identify amazing personal stories and travel the state to build multi-media stories of these individuals and programs in service to educate the public and fellow school districts about the policies and programs ISBE drives.”

More on the story can be found on The State Journal-Register website.


Illinois State Board of Education Seeking Applicants for Storytellers — 19 Comments

  1. Storytellers ?

    Allow me to decode this deception.

    Will RINO Rauner put an end to this political BS ?

    I think not, but I’ll bet Phat Jack absolutely loves it.
    Just read the Jack Franks story below to see why.

  2. PLEASE – she is running unapposed. STILL do not give her your vote!!!

  3. @DK & @HonestAbe1

    “unapposed” [sic]? “indoctranation” [sic]?

    Seems our educational system has failed you. Neither one of you can blame auto-correct/complete on your poor spelling.

    While you’re at it,DK, understand that she is not responsible for what the ISBE does. This is merely another union propaganda ploy labeled “It’s for the Children.”

  4. Our Elected Officials have been telling stories for years . . . and we keep paying for it. Time to hold them Accountable, Folks Wake UP. The cutesier they are, the more corrupt. The Taxpayer’s are under water . . . and they want to tell us a story? We have had enough of that BS!

  5. Reading about Illinois education initiatives, is like watching a dog trying to figure out a doorknob.

  6. Landon Frieses, you know the way it goes, Thank A Teacher, or it is For The Children.

  7. from the above article:

    Dalton’s celebrated work, such as Raven’s Radio Hour, has explored Alaska culture and tackled themes of boarding school abuse in statewide and national productions. His website describes the artist as a “professional storyteller, writer and teacher.” He was the recipient of a 2008 Expressive Arts grant from the National Museum of the American Indian, among other honors.

    Dalton was arrested April 26, when police say he had arranged to meet the boy a second time but was greeted by police outside his apartment.

  8. The best storytellers are right here in our sunshine blog, telling us how great capitalism is and how great of a job our sexual-assaulter-in-chief is doing. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. You standing above everyone else espousing cultural Marxism ARL,
    prototypical Leftist coward that you are.

  10. Last part of Storyteller job description states:

    “to educate the public and fellow school districts about the policies and programs ISBE drives”

    School district people, administrators and teachers, could read “about the policies and programs ISBE drives” by reading the latter’s website. Public can do the same.

    Taxpayers will end up paying for Storytellers when ISBE has not shown proof of the need for these
    when website could effectively convey information about their “successes” and “stories”.

    Seems like more government waste at taxpayer expense.

  11. Did you watch our storyteller-in-chief Tuesday night? Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  12. That’s definitely an Ass, so it very well could be Llavona!

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