Another Bullet Vote – This Time in County Board District 5

Another advertisement for bullet voting has appeared on Facebook, this time for District 5 incumbent Michael Rein.

Bullet voting is a tactic in which the voter chooses one candidate, despite the option to vote for additional candidates.

In theory, this allows better chance of winning for the single candidate.

Incumbent Michael Rein is vying for one of two spots up for election against incumbent John Jung, Jr and Lesli Melendy.

Michael Rein explains some of the details of the health care proposal.

Tina Hill turned in petitions to be on the ballot in District 5, but withdrew from the race in January.

A Northwest Herald article quoted Hill – “While I am up to the challenge of running again for County Board, I have decided that the need to replace Rein takes priority over my political aspirations,” Hill wrote. “Melendy, and the experience and the enthusiasm she brings, is the better candidate to do this.”

Melendy is Chief of Staff for Republican State Senator Karen McConnaughay. McConnaughay was a Sponsor on HB171, the “Jack Franks Bill”. If HB171 Signed Jack Franks Would Have More Power of County Board than Mike Madigan has in the Illinois House.



Another Bullet Vote – This Time in County Board District 5 — 23 Comments

  1. Failed Woodstock politician, Michael Stanard, has a Melendy sign in front of his business.

    That guy is never on the right side of an issue.

    Between Stanard and Hill’s endorsement of Melendy, I know who not to vote for.

    Jung aint worth the vote either!

  2. Michael Rein Is a Follower that hasn’t led one initiative while serving on the county board.
    He ran for Mayor and Lost Like the Looser He always has been. All he wants now is that subsidy paycheck with bennies from the taxpayer.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t told people to address him as Dr. Rein Like he has in the past.

  3. Rein has been a steadfast independent voice on the County Board and may emerge as the real leader of the Opposition to Franks in light of the departure of several key Members.

    Most recently he has been the one chiefly responsible for scaling back the Administration Building build out that would have given Franks some additional space in which to put patronage hires that do his political work on the county dime.

    To suggest he is a “follower” and “loser” is nonsense.

  4. Pacco. get back to your desk in the clerk’s office and earn YOUR paycheck and benefits. Michael has stood up to the indignities of the board chairman and advocated for the people of his district and the county.

  5. Already planned on it!
    Rein has NEVER told people to address him as ‘Dr.’.
    He questions things on the agenda and saved the county a huge amount of money in health insurance.

    And hey, he is a real Dr. Not like that hack Paula Yensen demanding people call HER ‘Dr’ when she can’t even tell anyone what doctorate she holds!

  6. Micheal Rein is a patriot and a steadfast steward of the taxpayers. He is a leader on the board that speaks the truth and is not one of the blind sheep that follow Franks.

  7. I agree with bred. A bullet associated with your campaign? What are they thinking?

    90% of voters do not know what bullet voting is, anyway.

  8. Martin might be conservative in his estimate of 90 percent. Might be more like 99.5 percent. Would guess that the only people familiar with the term bullet voting are political campaign operatives and those who study political science in college.

    Per WIKI:

    “Bullet voting or single-shot voting is a tactic in which the voter only selects one candidate, despite the option to indicate a preference for other candidates. They might do this either because it is easier than evaluating all the candidates, or (depending on the electoral system in use) as a form of tactical voting.”

  9. Anyone who says Michael Rein is not a strong independent voice on the McHenry County Board is a likely plant and a voice from his competitors or from the Chairman. Clearly, the Chairman does not like Rein because Rein is consistent in championing honest government, and is never an automatic vote for the Chairman’s demands and desires. Rein questions the status quo when it doesn’t look right and is always assessing ways to cut costs and improve accountability. He is an innovative leader who is truly working for the good of the County. His continuing leadership is sorely needed!!

  10. The bigger blunder than “bullet vote” is “no more RINOS” while it may resonate with the more hardcore conservative insiders, it will be of zero inspiration to the masses.

    I suspect Brettman, who I suspect may have designed this, will learn this soon.

  11. Yep, Lima Beans, you are right. RINOs, i.e. Moderates, are the votes that increasingly Republicans in this County are going to need. Play too hard to the Right during the Primaries and not considering the General can put a winner into the LOSER category.

  12. Did I miss a story about some bad blood between Tina Hill and Michael Rein, or is she just cozying up to Jack Franks?

  13. Mike is a good guy with a logical voice. he has my vote! Nuff said!

  14. I don’t think so, Mike hasn’t done a thing since he was voted in.
    He needs this job to supplement his failing business as a chiropractor or according to him, doctor,
    Mike also fails to articulate an independent thought so he reads off of a script that was written for him by his Marxist friends on the county board.

  15. Pacco you’re full of excrement. And don’t have the slightest idea what a Marxist is.
    Rein and Wheeler are Conservatives. You must be related to McClellan.

    Rein was instrumental in changing the healthcare policies at the County–saving taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

    He also voted in favor of eliminating pensions for County Board Members and was a vocal opponent of Jack Franks’ two patronage hires that will cost the county approximately $200,000 !

  16. Camp Stupid, Are you related to Rein? For a minute I will stoop down to your level.
    Instrumental in changing the healthcare policies at the County? Saving taxpayers millions?

    He changed the policies by costing every employee the right to good healthcare!
    At the expense of the employee he now brags that he has saved the county money while asking for their vote? Good luch with that one!
    The facts are these savings analysis comes from a third party vendor not Michael Rein!!
    Again, Rein hasn’t a single independent thought to save his soul.
    Michael Rein is right up there with chuck Wheeler when it comes to smarts, neither one of them have any brains.

  17. Right you are pacco!
    He doesn’t care about anybody but himself so why should voters care about his failing business?
    Evidently that fake doctor title isn’t working for him either and Rein is why we can’t get good people to run for public office.
    Self serving Rein needs to go away!
    Rein, Rein, GO AWAY!!

  18. Pacco and Stand4truth are McClellan. Eye-high in smelly crap and can’t spell worth a damn.

  19. @Pacco/Stand So what your saying is that employees don’t have good health insurance anymore? Can you explain how they are getting bad health insurance? What were they before he was elected into office? FYI the measure to change the health insurance that Rein initiated was voted unanimously by the County Board! As swamp put it earlier wasn’t Rein the one who got Franks $4 Million projected flushed and ended up with pretty much the same $2.8 Million project that was proposed a year ago. Tell us a independent thought from Kopsell, Nowak, Smith, Aavang, Bates, Wilbeck, Jung, Yensen etc.? Gottemoller and Skala cost the Taxpayers what $70+ Million for widening Randall and triple turn lanes. What a waste of taxpayer dollars!

  20. AnyAnswers, you are very astute! Congratulations on being informed and articulate.

    Please run for something!!!

  21. Make Randall Road one-lane again! Who needs traffic lights? Four stops in every major intersection! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  22. @Angel I have followed this Randall Road project for a long time and since we are talking about Rein he was the one who stated that what Randall Road needs is a double turn lane from Randall onto Algonquin Rd. Since there is only a a single turn lane that lane gets backed up into the through traffic lane which blocks one of the 2 lanes and creates a bottle neck especially during the higher traffic times. I had never heard of this philosophy/theory. His idea was to create a double turn lane which would open up those through lanes. Cheaper and effective But again he was shut down by Board Members that think you need 6 lanes and 3 turn lanes.

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