Jeanne Ives Event at Bull Valley Golf Club

Large Crowd Attends $100 Per Person Fundraiser

A friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following pictures from Jeanne Ives’ fundraiser last night.

If you would like to know more about Jeanne Ives’ positions on issues, you can read yesterday’s Sun Times article here.

A 2018 fundraiser at Bull Valley Golf Club for GOP governor candidate Jeanne Ives.


Jeanne Ives Event at Bull Valley Golf Club — 40 Comments

  1. Jeanette Ward with Skillicorn. If people don’t know about her she is on the U-46 school board and pushed back against a teacher with a lesson on God. Teacher said that basically all God’s are the same no matter what religion beliefs. She stood up to the school board and teacher that if you are going to teach religion teach the FACTS! She is there to make sure the liberal agenda stops being pushed in the school systems. Of course the status quo doesn’t like that! Keep fighting Jeanette Ward!

  2. Excellent responses by Jeanne Ives to the questions posed to her by the Sun Times. Every voter in Illinois should take the time to know about her positions on the numerous problems and issues in the State of Illinois.

  3. Thank You for the above comments. I believe I said last week, Jeanne Ives for Illinois is like Nikki Haley for the UN. Please pass the word all around the State.

  4. Is this the event where she invited the racist to speak, and then after an uproar pretended she didn’t know he was a racist?

  5. AlabamaShake, I am surprised you did not add Tick’s after your comment.

  6. Is Bill Whittle somebody who made a one-time comment, a few years ago, or are things like the JQ or BQ things he regularly talks about?

    It makes a difference when you’re calling people weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyycist!!!!

  7. Pay attention: Ives did NOT invite Whittle.

    Typical massaging of the truth by A S.

  8. A.S. fancies him/herself to be objective, but then makes dumb comments like Jeanne Ives knowingly invites racists.

    Where was the “uproar”?

    Didn’t hear about this until Chicago Tribune wrote about it after the fact.

    The Tribune cited Bill Brady, a Republican who does not support Ives. Pritzker, Biss, and all the Democrats were not quoted in that article. They probably had no idea about this, because there was no uproar and it’s a non-issue.

    Babbette Holder, who is black, was promoting Whittle just yesterday morning.

  9. Does that make Guiterrez a racists for walking out on Trump’s speech to?!

  10. AlabamsShakes never fails to disappoint when it comes
    to making a total and complete fool of himself, it must be
    in his DNA.

  11. Guiterrez IS a racist who wants illegals to be on the American Taxpayer gravy train.
    Oh and there’s a reason he’s not re-running for his seat. Stay tuned…I’m sure it will be a doozie!
    Yes My friend Babbette is black, beautiful, Pro-Life, Pro-American realist and Conservative. She knows Whittle isn’t racist but canceled him so it wouldn’t hurt Jeanne. Ives is the best thing we’ve got going. She mopped the floor with Rauner, that wuss and traitor.

    Go Jeanne! And thank you, Babbette for all you do!

  12. West Point grad, US Army officer, mother of 5, State Rep and city council member, that says is all…she cares and is plenty smart and experienced.

  13. Looks to me like Ives has a pair not like the character we now have in the Office

  14. Never cave in to the “racist” label of the liberal left once you do they will use it over and over against you. It’s their main weapon and like most snowflake arugements rarely if ever true. Racist and racsim have been so diminished by the left that it has become meaningless and/or a badge of honor for us conservatives.
    Jeanie we need leaders like you with a backbone to stand up to Madgigan and stand by our conservative friends. Don’t make the mistake that Rauner did by thinking if he appeases the left they will like you. As you already know it will never happen they will only casually thank you for a brief moment and then go back to doing what they do best…cause trouble, kill babies, and corrput our youth and try to disrupt the conservative movement.
    This is only the calm before the storm. Stay strong, stay true and prevail! We support you!

  15. Stop playing the “racist” card! According to my sexual-assaulter-in-chief president tronald dump, there are fine people in the KKK. According to my sunshine blogger, there are fine people in this sunshine blog. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. The Democrat Party has deep roots WITH the clan. The Democrat Party VIGOROUSLY fought Republican President Abraham Lincon’s efforts to free African Americans from slavery. That IS the legacy of the Democrat Party. They are the racists. One of their top racists and plagiarist was/is the former Democrat Senator and Vice President Joe Biden.

  17. What the hell was that first comment about the U46 teacher? Who did what to whose chicken? Was Ives in there or was it just an interesting anecdote?

  18. No thanks to Jeanne Ives. Don’t like her demeanor, style or ads.

  19. Love the idea of Ives. She has more spine than Rauner the Traitor!

  20. At the end of the event the crowd erupted in a standing ovation…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. According to a poll conducted during the fundraiser, candidate Ives is more popular than every other politician in Illinois, with only 1 exception; she narrowly lags behind our ever popular, relevant, paparazzi, freeloader, sunshine blogger. To the next fundraiser we go!…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  22. She will lose and so will Ruaner.

    Say hello to the next Billionaire governor.

    Say goodbye to Illinois.

  23. Lacks diversity. She will probably win McHenry County but we know as McHenry County goes, the rest of the state DOES NOT follow.

  24. All those deluded people who imagine that, somehow, the ballot box in Illinois can be used to restore sanity.

    Good luck with that!

  25. That ad is not Ives. It’s put on by However I see nothing wrong with it. It shows the Lunatic Liberal Agenda that got us to this point and how (I’m not in charge) Rauner passed bills to help further IL’s demise.

  26. I loved the ad.

    It was a rather clever parody of the “Thank you Mike Madigan” ads that Rauner has been running.

    I guess the truth is too painful for some people.

    The fact that the left wet their collective beds over it shows just how thin skinned they really are.

  27. I thought the ad was succinct and went right to the heart of many a problem in IL with Benedict Rauner!
    I also like that the ad didn’t waste my time and it really showcases the Democrats and how far they’ve strayed from normalcy.
    The stupid pussy hat had to make an appearance with the clueless millennial underneath it! Priceless!

  28. Don’t you love compassionate conservative allegories? The ad is not offensive; just “edgy.” November 6, are you here yet? Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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