Where Real Estate Taxes Go for Nunda Township Rural Cary Taxpayers

I noticed a property tax pie chart on Nunda Township’s Fall/Winter newsletter.

It is for rural Nunda Township in the Cary area.

Where property taxes dollars go if one lives in Nunda Township in the Cary Library District.

Tax bills are coming, but, of course, they will arrive after the March primary elections.


Where Real Estate Taxes Go for Nunda Township Rural Cary Taxpayers — 4 Comments

  1. This should tell folks where to focus their electoral efforts if they want to reduce property taxes.




    Next School Board election is April 2019.

    Petitions to run for School Board will start circulating right after the Fall 2018 e1ection.

  2. Lovely Dist. 155, run by libtards hellbent on brainwashing your kids!

    Our LGBTQ Children: Questions & Answers Families of LGBTQ Youth (Session C7)
    District 155 provides a supportive school climate for the LGBTQ youth by welcoming any and all individuals regardless
    of sexual orientation or gender identity/ expression. Learn about support, education about the unique issues and
    challenges facing people who are LGBTQ, and advocacy resources in our communities.


  3. Yikes! Homosexual agenda being carried out right here.

    Do parents even know about this?

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