Fat Tuesday Fundraiser for Demetri Tsilimigras

Patriot Party Planned to Raise Funds

Former Congressman and radio host Joe Walsh is teaming up the Col. Craig Wilcox and Joe Tirio to raise funds for Demetri Tsilimigras for Judge.The event is Tuesday, February 13th from 5:30-7:30pm and is held at:

Offsides Sports Bar & Grill
680 S Eastwood Dr.
Woodstock, IL

Suggested donation is $30/individual and $50/pair.

Military, Law Enforcement, Precinct Committeemen are free.

Greek dinner with gyro station will be provided.


Fat Tuesday Fundraiser for Demetri Tsilimigras — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been been able to figure out Colonel Craig’s connection to McHenry County. Did he grow up here? Throw a dart at the map after retirement? Follow a love interest here? Why here?

  2. We’re lucky to have him here with us. A leader with true grit.

  3. Publius, His lady love cannot leave the state due to children with an ex-spouse that won’t allow it.
    I’m sure he was happy to come here to be with them.
    Her work/income is also here and well established. Wilcox is retired so he is happy to go where they could raise their family. Here,
    Hope that helps with your inquiry.
    And If they feel like being somewhere else, they can take an extended vacation.

    I’m glad he landed here. Politicians from IL and McH Co sure could learn from him (and only a few others) on how to be
    ethical and effective Leaders.

  4. Ask any lawyer, Demitri is not qualified, he has not tried a case or even argued a motion in his 10 years in the State’s Attorney office….he would be a terrible choice.

  5. The corrupt McHenry Co. bench. I’ll vote for anybody not put forward by the nitwits in charge. They want Berg and Willbrant, so Demetri, ipso facto, must be better!

  6. Has someone done the math about how much Demetri’s current IMRF pension would offset his judicial pension? If the only thing he’s running on is that he’s not taking a judicial pension, it’s silly if it’s completely offset by his prior entitlement.

  7. Jim on you are so wrong about Demetri’s record. Who’s programming you with false information? Same lies someone put out there when Demetri ran before. sounds like you’re carrying a grudge. Get over it.

  8. And Publius – why are a you fixated on a pension?. It’s not on the table. For starters, I emphasize experience, character, and integrity to define Demetri.

  9. Jim and Gofigure. Why do you argue that a person’s ability as a lawyer has anything to do with their ability to be a judge? Some of our best judges were mediocre attorneys, and some of our greatest attorneys have been nightmare judges. It doesn’t follow that being a good lawyer ensures that a person will be a good judge.

  10. I l like Demitri. But I don’t like all these odious right-wing figures promoting him. Anyone Joe Walsh approved of makes me nervous.

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