Fifteen File as Write-In Candidates in McHenry County

All Write-In Candidates are for GOP Precinct Committeemen Spots

The March 20th primary election ballots will have blank lines in some precincts for write-in GOP Precinct Committeemen candidates.

Those running as a write-in are:

Alan Plane- Alden 1
Maureen Huff- Alg 11
Chris Christensen- Alg 29
Scott G Taillet- Alg 59
Matt Ahmann- Alg 65
Michael P Hayden- Chem 5
Andy Snarski- Graf 21
William Jeske- Gre 1
Nicholas Emricson- Gre 4
Richard J Sylvester- Har 2
Jonathon R Willis- McH 32
James L Wright- Nun 10
Joseph Ptak- Nun 23
Jeffrey (Jeff) Ladd- Nun 18
Tonya J Franklin-Sen 1


Fifteen File as Write-In Candidates in McHenry County — 9 Comments

  1. Snarski, Franklin, Ptak! and others, glad to see you throw your hats in the ring! 😉

  2. Matt Ahmann- Alg 65
    Cary Grove student that took Dist 155 to court of speech issue.

  3. Snarski is okay. But, we need more Tonya Franklin types.

    And for the Local R party to stop chasing away the Gassers, Monacks and Serwatka types.

  4. Re: “stop chasing away the Gassers, Monacks and Serwatka types.”

    I think you have that backwards. They left quite willingly.

    When you run under a party banner and then insult it over and over and over, you obviously have no desire to work within its framework and maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

    It is easy to criticize but it takes dedication and hard work to effect peaceful change. Just look at how successfully, the communist party has taken over the Democrat party.

  5. @outoftowner – when you have a party, such as MCGOP or even ILGOP waving the Republican banner but the very leadership and MANY of the candidates the party supports have no understanding of the principles of republicanism and even act and support policy in direct opposition to the principles of republicanism, then I ask you, what is the point of the Republican party or waving that Banner?

  6. GOP leadership and those they support have homogenized and bastardized “republicanism” to the point that those “within” no longer know their purpose.
    But it does give them a reason to gather and rub elbows and eat appetizers, of course

  7. Keep your eye on Matt Ahmann- Alg 65, especially if he talks about wasted money.

    He sued his school and, in the settlement, forced taxpayers to shell out $10,000 for his legal fees.

    He’s a little Gasser in the making.

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