Five Applicants Vying For Open County Auditor Position

2 Men, 3 Women Apply

A friend of McHenry County Blog sent a FOIA response with details on the applicants for the Auditor position that Chairman Jack Franks is seeking to fill.

Candidates seeking the nomination are:

  • Nancy Gonsiorek, CPA – Crystal Lake
  • John Halbleib, consultant – McHenry, current Valley Hi Operating Board Member
  • Shannon Teresi, CPA – Crystal Lake
  • Kristin Weck Farrag, former bank manager – Marengo
  • James Young, Masters in Accounting – Crystal Lake

All have submitted cover letters and resumes, only Gonsiorek has returned an application, while Halbleib is the only one to return the questionnaire to make the FOIA response.

Chairman Franks is to bring his selection to fill the vacancy to full County Board for approval.

As of now, an item to fill the vacancy had not been posted to the County Board February 20th meeting agenda. It is also not posted as an agenda item on this week’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The ten page questionnaire sent to applicants is below.


Five Applicants Vying For Open County Auditor Position — 5 Comments

  1. Just spit balling here but does the county have adequate coverage for asking questions on their job application that would get any private employer sued?

    I may not agree with the various prohibitions set out by state and federal law, but it’s been one helluva long time since prospective employers could inquire about arrests (just as an example).

    Did our Chairman Jocko write this?

    Did he even read it?

    If he did, was his response: I can do whatever I want?

  2. Why doesn’t Jacko Franks apply, so he can glom onto that power, too. Oh, that’s right, he’d have to answer that questionaire he dreamt up. But he’d be able to make an exemption for himself, wouldn’t he as County Tyrant?

  3. You can trust the application is filled out but how does one verify the answers when a previous employer only has to acknowledge the applicants employment start and end date.

  4. Creepy questions. In fact I don’t think it’s legal to ask several of those questions.

  5. Franks doesn’t need to apply for auditor if he can pick the auditor.

    However, due to timing, anyone approved through this process will only be there until December, unless the GOP picks that same person to be placed on the ballot.

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