Abolishing Office of McHenry Township Road Commissioner Set for November Ballot

Three of the five members of the McHenry Township Board voted to allow citizens to determine whether the Office of McHenry Township Road Commissioner should exist after incumbent James Condon’s term runs out in 2021.

Supporting the ballot measure were Township Trustees Bob Anderson, Bill Cunningham and Mike Rakestraw.

They were elected as Republicans, along with Trustee Stan Wojewski.

Wojewski, along with Superviosr Craig Adams, voted against the proposal.

Adams and Road Commissioner Condon were elected as Independents, although having been appointed

McHenry Township meeting on December 14, 2017.

to replace Republicans whose terms had not expired.

Rakestraw initially voted against the proposal at a former meeting, then changed his mind.

He though he had the agreement with Supervisor Adams to put the item on the agenda last week, but only “discussion” of the idea appeared.

The Trustees, unlike McHenry County Board members, have the ability to put items on the Board’s agenda and did so for Tuesday night’s meeting.

The meeting is live streamed here, if you want the details.

One who attended wrote,

“Probably 100 to 120 in attendance. I was one of three who supported it.

“I think Craig Adams and Jim Condon are being coached by the TOI [Township Officials of Illinois] group.

“They had the big room, the one that was used at the election board hearings that you attended, collapsed into a crowded small venue that made it appear that it was really packed.

“There was a big, raucous, crowd.

“A lot of booing and cheering.

“Almost out of control.

“95% opposed, 5% for.”

The back half of the big McHenry Township meeting room was partitioned off. That made the crowd look larger.

Another who attended the meeting sent the following:

“Despite a room full of people asking them to not approve the resolution, it passed 3-2.

“Almost all of the comments were asking them to look at what the results of the referendum would be and to study the options.

“Stan Wojewski was the first to vote, and he voted no.

“The rest of the trustees voted yes. Craig Adams voted no.

“The video is already posted on youtube.

“After the vote the tone of the meeting got much more hostile.

“There was an altercation in the hallway between some of the people leaving immediately after the vote before the meeting was over and the cops had to be called.

“One of the trustees, who had been falling asleep during public comment at the beginning of the meeting was then arguing with people making public comments at the end of the meeting.”


Abolishing Office of McHenry Township Road Commissioner Set for November Ballot — 20 Comments

  1. There was a Boy Scouts meeting on the other side of the partition. It was not an attempt to make the crowd look bigger.

  2. Sad condoms road district employees attacked consolidationcsupporters.

    In America the people have the right to choose the government they want can’t wait till november

  3. The road districts need to have different tiers for taxing.

    Tier 1 is for people who live on township roads.

    Tier 2 is a lower tax rate for people living in the township but don’t live on township roads.

    Residents near Lake Kilarney aren’t helping residents of Crystal Lake, why should Crystal Lake residents have to pay for the maintenance of residential roads near Lake Kilarney or other township roads?

  4. This is just a referendum to allow the voters to decide whether or not to keep the Road District.

    What’s wrong with that?

    Is someone afraid of the voters?

  5. Was it wanna be snow plow truck driver barber Bob the napper at the meeting?

  6. Somebody has their little panties in a bunch.

    Township employees acting like thugs during and after the meeting, and there wasn’t a township official sleeping, however, I wouldn’t blame them after listening to the employees, and their family members (once again) repeat the same things; just wasting all our time with their babble each month but not willing to listen to others with opposing views.

    People are acting as though Condon and his “boys” have lost their jobs, which I doubt will happen, even though some of their behavior warrants it.

    This just puts the issue on the ballot for voters to decide.

  7. Re: ” Is someone afraid of the voters?” Not fear but realization.

    Voters gave us a County Board Chairman position elected at large.

    Voters gave us Jack Franks.

    Voters gave us a “Madigan machine”.

    Voters gave us guaranteed public sector pensions.

    Voters gave us Hilary Clinton.

    Voters gave us Donald Trump.

    Voters gave us Bruce Rauner.

    Voters gave us approval for school bond after school bond.

    You get the idea.

    We need legislation approved quickly to force a feasibility study be conducted prior to referendum. We need penalties attached to failure to meet the study results.

    Actually there is another option: Pass Legislation in Springfield to make the Highway Department expenditures subject to Board of Trustee Approval.

  8. “Guaranteed public sector pensions”, the IL constitution, change was under publicized.
    Had there been better coverage, better explanation of the future consequences, and more openness about it, it probably wouldn’t have passed.
    Some politicians have a agenda, and they don’t want you to know what it is.

  9. What people are upset about is how this process is being played out.

    There are no facts or information given out to the public to support that this is going to save us any money, how are our services going to continue and what is the long term effects. As far as I can tell from the Trustees silence, they are not sure.

    This reminds me of how the health care was pushed thru.

    Voting without the facts does not make any sense. Uninformed voters make bad decisions.

    As of right now, I am against this referendum until I know the facts.

  10. Dante…your Tier system does not work unless you tell Tier 2 people they cannot use Tier 1 roads.

  11. Would not the proponents of abolition of the elected office and the road district as a separate entity have to present their case to the voters this fall?

    And those favoring continuation of the current system would continue asking the question you are posing.

  12. Nice pic of the indoor knit cap wearers.

    Afterwards they met at Starbucks, to indulge in their recreational hobby, Nuclear Astrophysics.

  13. Joe ‘Hothead’ Condon: LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MILLER!

    You’re Next!

    It’s really sad Joe you set your employee thugs on a citizen.

    I guess you your rage boiled over after losing the vote.

    Too Bad!

    And now you’ll have to spend money and campaigning to try and keep your do-nothing job.

    Township Atty Millitello just did his job, quit bad-mouthing him to your goons, Joe. How about actually plowing for a change?

  14. Out of towner they already have The Township Trustees have to approve all expenditures for the Road District!

  15. The statement that Rakestraw voted against the proposal at a previous meeting was wrong.

    It was a different proposal that he voted against.

    It would have transferred all road district functions to the township Supervisor.

    If passed, it would have again been a one man show.

    It was Bob Anderson’s proposal.

    The motion that Mike Rakestraw made, and which passed on a 3 to 2 vote, will transfer everything, if voters approve it in the fall, to the township BOARD.

    A board, not a single individual.

  16. “Out of towner they already have The Township Trustees have to approve all expenditures for the Road District!”

    If anyone believes for one second that the Board of Trustees has ANY say in how the Road and Bridge tax dollars are spent, I have a bridge for sale!!

    When it comes to the spending of Road and Bridge tax dollars, the Board of Trustees and the Supervisor are a RUBBER STAMP!!

    Thanks to legislators like Franks and Althoff!!!

  17. Township Trustees Audit the Road District bills and do not approve them.

    The law says that any legally incurred bill must be paid.

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