Rauner Mails Ives Attack Piece to McHenry County Residents — 21 Comments

  1. Poor Bruce, It is now Jeanne Ives and Mike Madigan’s fault, that he can’t get anything done. Stay tuned In Folks, there will be more, I am sure.

  2. One question Gov Rauner, how does this ad make you a better choice as our nominee? I didnt see her supporting Sanctuary State, or Taxpayer supported abortions. Look you up there would be a picture of Benedict Arnold.

  3. Gov Rauner betrayed his supports supporting Sanctuary State and Taxpayer supported abortions.

  4. Rauner should have not taken political advice from his liberal, Democrat, Planned Parenthood supporting(i.e., killing black babies for political reasons) wife.

  5. There is no way that the majority of primary voters support Rauner’s position on illegal aliens and paid-for abortions. Jeanne Ives must continue to get out her message to all voters in the State.

    The big question beyond this primary is what kind be done to undo the brainwashing and indoctrination of some citizens by the mostly left wing extremist media and politicians such as Gutierez who champion for illegal aliens and abortion on demand.

  6. The state party chairman doesn’t help when he calls her advertisements as racist and homophobic.
    Everything in that ad was and is TRUE!

  7. The GOP leadership must be replaced! Lunatics like Althoff, Miller, Brady, Rutherford and Cross need to be bagged ‘EXTINCT’

    the’Paid for by Citizens for Rauner’ disclaimer of the trash Ives mailing are all I need to read.

  8. Jeanne has got the spineless RINOS (Borderless Bruce the baby KILLER) in a full blown panic,
    to wit I say: pour on the coals, Jeanne – POUR ON THE COALS !

  9. When you lie to a Cardinal of the Catholic Church you will pretty much will lie about anything! She is about as polar opposite as they come to Mike Madigan! I don’t care if people think she doesn’t have a chance against a Dem. The base of Republicans will not show up to vote for Rauner which means he will lose! I would rather have Ives fighting for our party than Rauner!

  10. Here are a couple of quotes from the down-home, folksy, rural, flannel shirt wearin’, hog ridin’ phony Rauner from a few years ago:

    “Much of the reform agenda we’re outlinin’ today has been implemented in other States. The reforms are workin’ so well in those States that they are causing us to become even less competitive. We must avoid slippin’ even further behind other States”.

    “That means puttin’ more resources directly into classrooms, reformin’ the education bureaucracy”.

    Yee-ha. Rauner was, is appealin’ to Jed Clampett, Granny, Elly May, Jethro of a fictional tv show.

  11. What’s the difference ?
    He’s done to the state what his vacationing bud and close friend Rahm
    is doing to Chiraq – working in unison to destroy.

  12. Ives unfortunately will be the weaker candidate to go up against J Bob. s

    That commercial she did will be trotted out and will kill her with moderate voters.

  13. Nothing was wrong with that commercial and why do GOPe dopes care so much about losing moderates but think it’s okay to betray the base of their party? What moderate is going to vote for Rauner based on his record anyway? Ives may not win those moderates, but Rauner wouldn’t have either and he’ll lose a lot more conservatives. The idea that moderates win elections doesn’t hold true in a hyper-partisan age. Look at how people act on Facebook or even this blog. This isn’t your mommy and daddy’s America anymore.

  14. After the primary, Jeanne needs to run commercials on many of her great positions on issues. She should also get hold of those tapes having conversations between Blago (now in prison) and JB and run those often. JB has a terrible image in many regards.

    Jeanne will have many women who are mothers, grandmothers, both Democrat and Republican, voting for her.

    The primary and the general elections are the times for ordinary citizens, both Democrat and Republican, and those who have been vocal about their disgust and disdain for multi-millionaires and billionaires as politicians, to say no to them.

    Rauner can be booted in March and JB in November.

  15. Careful about concentrating in J.B. Do not dismiss Biss.

    If Biss wins, what would that do for the Republican candidate?

  16. Graduate of West Point and Army officer tells me all I need to know.

  17. The Dems flipped another state legislative seat this week in Florida. That makes 36 special elections the Dems have won in districts that voted majority for Trump in 2016.

    Bear in mind that special elections usually favor GOP candidates due to turnout.

    The Tea Leaves do not look good for the Tea Party this year..

    That’s why Ruaner did what he did.

    He made his calculation.

    I doubt it will be enough to help him.

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