Wednesday, February 21st Fundraiser Set by Mary McClellan

“Ribs and Robes” Event Scheduled

Circuit Court Judge Candidate Mary McClellan has chosen Crystal Lake Rib House in Crystal Lake as the location for a 2018 primary campaign fundraiser.

The event will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm, Wednesday February 21st.

Tickets are $50 each, sponsorships are available.



Wednesday, February 21st Fundraiser Set by Mary McClellan — 16 Comments

  1. Where does she get off thinking ordinary people, IN McHenry County, have so much money to burn on her?

    Oh, I get it, the lawyers who’ll come before her will pay big bread to get on her good side!

    Geesh….. she might hold grudges and you know what!

    She’s a damn crook, sanctioned by federal court for falsehood an d hiding things!

    A great addition to McHenry County!!!

  2. “The lawyers representing
    the Office, who included Mary McClellan, the appellant,
    told the plaintiffs’ lawyers that the files they were
    looking for no longer existed. A year later, however, when
    Judge Grady, the presiding judge, ordered the Office to allow
    the plaintiffs’ lawyers to inspect 181 boxes of documents
    stored in a warehouse, the lawyers quickly found the documents
    they’d asked for—and moved the district court to
    sanction McClellan and her colleagues for obstructing the
    plaintiffs’ discovery by insisting that the documents the
    plaintiffs needed no longer existed.”

  3. Mine too.
    I’m going to forward this to all of my friends and relatives via social media.

  4. The Illinois Bar Association Judicial Advisory Poll results will be available on or by February 23rd.

    Does anyone want to guess what the over/under will be on her Integrity score?

    How about Legal Ability or Temperament?

    The results should be a hoot.

  5. I am troubled that I have already contributed to McClellan’s campaign, its call property taxes that paid for Eddies (husband) unearned salary. As for Crystal Lake Rib House, I just became a vegetarian.

  6. I’d like to try out some of those pick up lines her husband used, that I’ve read about here.

    I encourage anyone who wants to be a target of my unwanted sexual attentions to attend.

  7. I’d like to meet the fool who would donate to her on the Gold Star level.
    Whoever does that would probably pay huge for the re-cycled dog food in my backyard.

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