Bob Miller Son-in-Law Andrew Rosencrans Received Over $24,000 in “Miscellaneous” Income from Algonquin Township Road District Since 2013

Irregular payments ranging from $100 to $1,500 were added to regular paychecks of Algonquin Township Highway Department employee Andrew Rosencrans since 2013.

Rosencrans is one of former Road Commissioner Bob Miller sons-in-law who worked for his father-in-law until both were fired by Andrew Gasser right after Gasser was sworn into office as Miller’s successor.

Bob Miller

Excluding the $24,235 in what is identified as “misc” income on payroll records obtained by McHenry County Blog through a Freedom of Information request, Rosencrans earned $274,289 over the approximately fifty-three month period.

Similar to miscellaneous payments made to his mother-in-law, Anna May Miller, her husband’s administrative assistant, Rosencrans’ largess peaked just prior to Christmas. Anna May Miller Took Home $31,146 in “Misc” Income Since 2013.

Base pay for was $2,200 to $2,300 per pay period during the last four and half months Miller was in office.

Pre-Christmas payments for the holiday before Miller lost the February Republican Primary Election totaled $3,700.

The payments continued after the election loss.

Rosencrans received $1,200 in similar unexplained payments as his father-in-law’s term expired.


Bob Miller Son-in-Law Andrew Rosencrans Received Over $24,000 in “Miscellaneous” Income from Algonquin Township Road District Since 2013 — 12 Comments

  1. This is bad. Real bad.

    You know what is just as bad… Gasser hiring a 23 year old with a shoddy job history and no marketable education and making him the highest paid employee in the township.

    Facebook reports indicate that the new Deputy Commish has already driven a plow off the road.

    One has to wonder why Gasser is going out of his way to promote this clown.

    The video of Gasser rambling about a long needed bridge repair with his Deputy standing next to him is idiotic at best.

    “Hey Taxpayers, I think so little of you that I’ve put a 23 year old with no reliable job experience and no formal education in charge of a bridge project.”

    That kind of judgement is not only stupid, it’s dangerous.

  2. Joker: I heard Mr Gasser asked the union to negotiate a real contract and that would have given the employees an opportunity to get paid more and the union didn’t even talk to the employees.

  3. Wondering why this is not being investigated by the SA office and or why it’s taking so long.

    Some answer from Mr Keneally would be nice.

  4. Link to Anna May Miller miscellaneous income article should be fixed.

  5. Didn’t Nob work there?

    Wonder if he ever got anything like this in his checks?

  6. Maybe?

    Old ‘Nob’ had to be getting something to be such a supporter of Miller even after all this has come out.

    Cheaters never win, and neither do those who are complicit.

  7. Still think nepotism (family members hired by elected officials) is harmless???

    It sure is a way to increase your household or family income in one fell swoop.

    In this case, they got 2 financial windfalls on us, the taxpayers!

    I would like to ask Nob if he ever got his checks increased with “misc pay”?

  8. I just talked to the SA Chief Investigator, who actually knew more about Misc pay than I did.

    I did receive some, for recycling, and at the end of the year got a 1099.

    I never worked recycling and never got misc pay when I drove the senior bus on Mondays, that income was on W2.

    She know about shift differentials and other reasons why misc pay was used instead of regular pay.

    While Miller kept his levy flat for 4 years, no raises in base pay occurred.

    I know about me, but don’t know exactly how misc pay was used for other employees, ask the SA.

    The SA has been quietly doing their jobs without the nonsense bias and misleading stuff I read here, and the Chief Investigator was very professional in the questions asked.

    She actually knew stuff I didn’t, very impressive.

  9. “She actually knew stuff I didn’t.” “The nob” seems astounded that a States Attorney actually knows more than he does! What alternate reality is he living in? As someone else has posted…get a hobby.

  10. “Taxpayers Be Damned”

    The Miller Family credo emblazoned on its family crest.

    It also has a large sewer rat and a vulture holding a taxpayer’s head in some kind of vice.

    -saw it once at the Algonquin Township Road Dist., Miller gave it to Iron Mike when the voters finally woke up.

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