Wilbrandt Takes on McClellan in Judge Mailing

Appointed Judge Robert Wilbrandt has mailed out what political observers would characterize as a “hit piece.”

Knowing that when one woman is on the ballot running against three men, Wilbrandt’s mailing points out what he considers weaknesses of opponent McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan.

It’s content is below:

Robert Wilbrandt uses this side of his post card to characterize Mary McClellan’s background in unflattering terms.


Wilbrandt Takes on McClellan in Judge Mailing — 24 Comments

  1. Very good Judge Wilbrandt, good luck, your public presence has been exemplary!

  2. Nice to see he’s putting the “boots” to her!

    We’re all anxiously awaiting her campaign mailer setting forth all her qualifications for the bench.

    We could be in for a long wait as she doesn’t appear to have any!

  3. I don’t know Wilbrandt at all.

    But I’ve received a couple of mailers now and, to be frank, I’m kind of amused that someone who is

    (a) running for elective office,

    (b) sending out mailers, and now

    (c) sending out a hit piece on a gigantic postcard, has as his slogan, “Keep politics out of the courtroom.”

    I mean, if all that stuff ain’t politics, I don’t know what is!

  4. “All three of Wilbrandt’s opponents are political”

    What a searing indictment on . . . reality.

  5. And Willbrandt is the lazy slug who likes to yell at the handicapped in his ratty courtroom.

    Go back to summer stock acting Robbie boy, you can even play Falstaff!

  6. Wilbrandt has shown the courage to take on dirty Mary in public.

    Even if you don’t like Wilbrandt he is honest and professionally qualified.

    We can not afford to have Mary McClellan, who is a sleazy dishonest person, in a powerful judge position.

    We can count on Wilbrandt to serve honorably and competently.

    A vote for anyone but Wilbrandt is a vote for McClellan.

  7. Red Dog, you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree! Loopy Wilbrandt is ‘running’ to ensure the Witch’s victory!

  8. First guess, Red Dog is Wilbrandt’s nephew, running the “campaign” Did you see what I did there? Putting quotation marks around the word campaign? Hilarious, right?

  9. Here’s a prediction. Wilbrandt shoots down McClellan, and in the meantime finishes third to Demetri.

  10. Wilbrandt is decent and is telling it! Gotta love that! McClellen is filthy.
    Demetri is honest and has more courtroom experience that all his opponents put together. And he’s not taking the judges pension!
    Ponytail Ray doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up and doesn’t seem to really want this aS he’s not in the game.

  11. So Demetri has more experience than Flavin? I am pretty sure that is wrong by many multiples. In trials as lead attorney I am sure there are not 2 or 3 lawfirms that have more trials than Flavin, and Demetri is not one of them and falls way short. Demetri’s Federal experience, none, Arbitration experience, none. Civil Case experience none. Flavin might not care if he wins or not but it really is not even close between Demetri and Flavin.

  12. Prove it “watching”. Democrat turned Republican Hippy DUI lawyer has nothing over Demetri T. And
    Wilbrandt has more appeal than Flava Flav du hour.

    McClellan may get some woman votes of women that don’t realize voting for her will put women candidates BACK several decades with her rotten record.

    I believe this race is between Wilbrandt and Demetri.

  13. The comment was only about experience.

    And trial experience at that.

    What do you want me to prove?

    I said above the election is between Wilbrandt and Demetri.

    So thanks for copying my exact assessment?

    Flavin has been a trial attorney for 25 years, Demetri is a middle level supervisor at the State Attorney office, the comparison is not even close when you compare actual trial records, and by not close I mean Demetri’s last jury trial was years ago, and even if it wasn’t his last jury trial before that one was ages ago.

    Flavin tries cases by the dozen.

    That was my only observation.

    Also why are we talking about lawyer experience when we are picking a judge.

    This seems intuitively stupid, which was my point.

    Comparing “experience” of a lawyer when you should be assessing a person’s ability to run a courtroom is the kind of stupid thing someone would do if they used nicknames for candidates running for office.

  14. We should be talking about why Flavin would be a good or bad choice vs. Demetri vs. McClellan vs. Wilbrandt, but instead we are talking about “lawyer experience” while we use silly nicknames that’s just plain dumb.

  15. I think we go for the most honorable. I’m voting Demitri.

  16. Rickey Ricardo – your statements sound suspiciously familiar as those left by some moron who left me a phone message under the guise of “McHenry County Ethical Watchdogs” against Robert Wilbrandt.

    If people are going to leave disparaging messages I wish they would have the courage to leave a name and a number where I could reach them to discuss our differences of opinion.


    Anyway – I think that Robert Wilbrandt is a pretty upstanding public servant. Good luck with to him.

  17. I’ll just leave this right here.

    Wilbrandt had an interesting appellate case.


    And by interesting, I mean the appellate court were how you say?

    Not fans.

    And if you take time to read the opinion, which you won’t, you will learn Wilbrandt has one fatal flaw:

    He doesn’t listen.

    Probably not a good characteristic in a judge.

    It is acceptable as an actor, or as a teacher, but judge, notsomuch.

    Maybe he will get elected anyway.

    He certainly wouldn’t be the worst judge we have.

  18. Wilbrandt may have a lousy temperament and low retention ratings but he knows the law and has the best chance of beating McClellan.

    Keeping that lying, unethical, inexperienced wife of a pervert of the bench is the most important aspect of this election.

    Voting for any one other than Wilbrandt is a vote for the Malignant Mary.

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