Poll on Roskam Election, Odds Quite Good Roskam-Financed

Sean Casten addressing McHenry County Democratic Party in October.

From the questions asked, it is unclear whether the Congressional candidate financing the effort was incumbent Peter Roskam or one of his two prospective Democratic Party candidates

  • Sean Casten
  • Kelly Mezeski

All three have enough money in their campaign funds to pop for a poll.

The automated survey was taken by Central Market Research, a company affiliated with Axiom Strategies of Kansas City, according to Columbia Daily Tribune, a Missouri paper.

The firm started works for Republican candidates, so odds are really good that Roskam financed the poll.

Peter Roskam

The Tuesday night survey sought the following information:

  • Intention to vote for congressional candidate
  • Republican or Democrat
  • Favorability on Trump
  • Favorability of Pelosi
  • Favorability on Ryan
  • Favorability on Roskam
  • Favorability on Mezeski
  • Favorability on Casten
  • Something else about Ryan
  • Comparison of Ryan with Mezeski
  • Comparison of Ryan with Casten
  • Should Member of Congress work with Trump?
  • More important to work with Trump or be a check and balance
  • Good to have control of White House, Senate and House in same party?
  • Time for a change?
  • Economy getting better or worse in your area?
  • Will new income tax bill raise your taxes?
  • Roskam emphasizing local issues, e.g., opioid crisis and several others, favorability
  • Something with my notes only show as “R”
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Conservative, moderate or liberal?
  • Race, white, black or Hispanic
  • Education


Poll on Roskam Election, Odds Quite Good Roskam-Financed — 5 Comments

  1. I cant vote RINO. Sorry RoSCAM!

    Hope he loses. the GOP needs to be cleaned out of rats like him!

  2. Roskam says Roskam will win…

    idk, this blog is full of Republicans and I don’t see much love for old stinky pete.

    When you have a bunch of angry Bernie People coming at you, and your own party thinks you’re a schmuck, this is a recipe for *losing*

  3. Both Congressman Roskam and Congressman Hultgren have a 93 rating from the NRA.

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