Shannon Teresi Campaigning for County Auditor Appointment

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer resigned last month.

Her top assistant was Shannon Teresi, the woman now running the office.

She has an impressive resume, published previously.

Last night she attended McHenry County Board member Michael Rein’s Woodstock fundraiser.

That’s where I found the card (enlarged below) that is being distributed on her behalf:

A card promoting Shannon Teresi’s candidacy for McHenry County Auditor.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has asked for applications and, presumably, is interviewing candidates.

Nancy Gonsiorek

Before asking for applications, there was a Northwest Herald story indicating that former Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 Board member Nancy Gonsiorek wanted the job and agreed with Franks that the elected office of Auditor should be abolished.

Jack Franks

The abolition argument did not sit well with those who believe that government needs checks and balances.

Many saw it as just one more effort of Franks to centralize power.

Teresi is asking for the support of County Board members.

If Franks nominates the one he appeared to endorse in the NWH article, he will have to gain a majority of County Board votes to put her in office.

Shannon Teresi

Failing such a majority, Franks probably submit another person’s name.

Or he might just refuse to do so in a fit of pique.

That would leave Teresi in charge of the office until whoever is elected in November to fill out the two-year term took office in December.

The person selected by the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

Five people applied for the post.


Shannon Teresi Campaigning for County Auditor Appointment — 23 Comments

  1. Oh sure, what power hungry/crooked politician wouldn’t love to have unlimited power, access to the county’s $millions, and any and all of their expenses paid, no matter what, with no oversight!? Imagine the deals that could be made?!

    Where there is NO OVERSIGHT there is MASS CORRUPTION with our taxdollars! We already had that – REMEMBER DIXON, IL???

    The Whistle Blower’s law resides in the office of Couty Auditor. That’s why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to leave that as an elected office!

    ALL EYES SHOULD BE ON FRANKS and the lapdog poor excuses for COUNTY BOARD MEMBERS who roll over for him! Make a deal with the devil, you’ll live in Hell.

    If anyone but the Deputy Auditor (S. Teresi) is put in charge of that office / budget/ oversight / process, you’d better hold on to your a$$ because you’re about to be ripped off!

  2. Shannon wants to be handed the job just like Pam Dollman Palmer was when Ruth Rooney retired Make No Mistake!
    Shannon is just as unqualified as Pam Palmer was when she took office.

  3. Nope! We need an Independent, Not the Political Hack of Pamela Kay Dollman Palmer.
    Cal needs to FOIA how many Dollmans work for the County and got a FREE Ride No Questions Asked!!!!

  4. James Young would be the most independent of those that appplied.

  5. If they ‘worked for the county’ tell us what you mean by ‘free ride’

    ‘Jason’ “make no mistake” you’re a political hack for Dem Jack Franks and therefore you are discredited.

  6. Shannon would do a great job.

    She works there knows what the job is and what needs to be done.

    Shannon is more than qualified and has the experience.

  7. Yes she is more than qualified.

    This is clearly a move to push her out because? Maybe she’s too thorough?

    A skeezy politician wouldn’t like that.

    They want someone to ‘play ball’ and let them get away with murder.

    Shannon works for the taxpayers now, and would in the future.

  8. To Cal Skinner

    About every 2-3 weeks, I am blocked from posting a comment (for about one day) and I get an error message as follows:

    Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $post in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/wordpress/public/wp-content/plugins/stop-spammer-registrations-plugin/classes/kpg_ss_challenge.php on line 383

    Anybody else reporting that problem?

  9. Bred, I get that once in awhile when my session runs out. ( have to go back to copy text and then Refresh and repost and all is good.)
    Jason Billin, you are obviously a “woman” scorned by truth, justice and the American way. Could you be the bitch that fired the auditors sister after the auditor refused your expense for campaign swag on the taxpayers?

  10. Words of wisdom from Bred, as usual.
    Just say no to Jacko’s power grab [actually its attempted Power Grab XXXVII]

  11. Shannon is currently doing a great job filling in and would continue to do so in the future.

  12. Sometimes long-time commenters with links seem to trigger a delay.

    My approval is then required, as it is for first time posters.

    If there are no links in the delayed posts, I can’t tell you what the reason for the delay is.

  13. Grapevine you nailed it!

    Sometimes it scares me how in sync our thoughts are!

  14. In my opinion, It’s not justified to have an in house whistle blower with five employees plus benefits who will pick and choose depending on their political affiliation.
    Pam Dollman Palmer received her education on the taxpayers dime. Where was the auditors oversight then?
    That’s ok?

  15. Dear sunshine blogger: I’m sure you are about to approve the real sunshine blog link. Right? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  16. @Jason So tell me where you would have this fictitious place for the Auditor that would have oversight for them?

    Under Jack Franks?

    And where would you put the Auditors office where you say they would not pick and choose on their political affiliation?

    Again people want to make Jack Franks or whoever becomes in that position KING!

    If departments give a bill to the Auditor and it is not paid they have steps to challenge their decision!

    It is fine where it is at!

    I’m sure Jack Franks didn’t think that getting this much power would be so easy but with a spineless majority of the Board and County Administrator he just continues to Bully his way!

    It is laughable yet sad!

  17. Yeah no, now she’s trying to get appointed to the auditors office.
    This is Pam Palmers replacement? I don’t think so.
    Are we sure Shannon isn’t a dolman or related to Palmer?
    This Stinks of patronage if you ask me.

  18. crooks and their minions trying to appoint someone other than the Dep. Auditor smacks of corruption in the making.

  19. and abolishing the auditor’s position is clearly trying to get rid of oversight.

    We can see what ‘no oversight’ resulted in with the former Alg. Township Hwy Commissioner.

  20. Con, Get with the Program!

    There’s always been checks and balances in place.

    The trustees review and approve every bill that goes through the township.

    We have an auditor at the county called Baker Tilly who audits the county’s records.

    Pam Kay Dollman Palmer is Nothing more than a glorious accounts receivable clerk and a very High Priced one at that!

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