Ryan Green Highest in Algonquin Township Road District “Miscellaneous” Pay After Three Miller Family Members

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller gave three family members a total of $86,066 above and beyond their regular salaries since 2012 while they were being paid by tax dollars:

Derek Lee

Anna May Miller

  • Wife Anna May Miller – $31,146

Anna May Miller Took Home $31,146 in “Misc” Income Since 2013

  • Son-in-law Andrew Rosencrans – $24,235

Bob Miller Son-in-Law Andrew Rosencrans Received Over $24,000 in “Miscellaneous” Income from Algonquin Township Road District Since 2013

  • Son-in-law Derek Lee – $30,355

Bob Miller Favors Son-in-Law Derek Lee with $5000 More in Miscellaneous Algonquin Township Road District Income Than His Other Son-In-Law

Miller left office in mid-May last year after being narrowly defeated by County Board member Andrews Gasser.

But the Road Commissioner’s family members were not the only ones to receive hefty unexplained “miscellaneous” income payments over the four-plus years.

Ryan Green received $24,035.

As you can see below, the largest amounts entered his checking account around Christmas shopping time.


Ryan Green Highest in Algonquin Township Road District “Miscellaneous” Pay After Three Miller Family Members — 24 Comments

  1. From an earlier comment under the handle “the Nob”:

    “I did receive some, for recycling, and at the end of the year got a 1099.

    I never worked recycling and never got misc pay when I drove the senior bus on Mondays, that income was on W2.”

    Did he or did he not ‘work recycling’?

    Furthermore, should we investigate tax returns for all Road District employees who received “miscellaneous” pay which was recorded on 1099s? Did those employees claim expenses to offset the income to cause a income tax refund? If so, were those expenses legit?

    Recording “miscellaneous” pay via 1099s is a great way to reduce taxable income by offsetting that income with expenses.

    Reading the Alg. Twp. posts is more entertaining than watching Dallas or Dynasty or Empire or most evening soap operas! 🙂

    The problem is that these posts are relative to taxpayer dollars extracted from honest hard working citizens.

  2. Love the inclusion of Marc Munaretto in the pic. I wonder how much he knew?

  3. Out, I worked recycling (1099), then stopped working recycling.
    The following year, I started to drive the Monday bus (W2).
    No over lap, different years.

  4. Then you have contradicted yourself,‘Nob!

    Good catch by ‘out of towner’ whose investigative plan is a good one. I hope the States Attorney, FBI read this blog.

  5. Just wondering why working recycling was on the 1099 and not on W2.
    Not saying it is unusual but never saw it myself.

  6. With ALL the money, women’s clothing, leather purses etc. Miller’s extracted from that township is it any wonder they’re all smiles!?!

    Granny May Miller could have the best bras money could buy. Clearly not sportin’ one here.

    Who is Ryan Green? 🤔 hmmm

  7. Camp, where is the contradiction?

    “I did receive some, for recycling, and at the end of the year got a 1099.
    I never worked recycling and never got misc pay when I drove the senior bus on Mondays, that income was on W2.”

    I could of written it differently, sorry not a English major.

  8. It seems that these little handouts were saved for family or friends or relatives of employees.

    Were these the “volunteers” they bragged about in their recycling program?

    Another big bonus I bet was paid to “special” people when they handled the election supplies – set up, etc. transportation of ballots, which should have been paid by the county clerk.

    Clerk McClellan gushed a great big thank you to Bob Miller for “all of this, 60+ Precincts” and she said “it didn’t cost US – meaning County Clerk’s Office- a dime”

    Well, it must have cost SOMEONE- in this case, most likely Algonquin Township taxpayers.

  9. I’ve been telling you, the guy is an out an out moron. He still thinks he is helping his ’cause’. Only an idiot would keep flapping their jaws after he had painted himself into a corner. Can’t wait until they are all hauled in for their crimes against the good citizens of this township.

  10. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/independent-contractor-defined

    People such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, contractors, subcontractors, public stenographers, or auctioneers who are in an independent trade, business, or profession in which they offer their services to the general public are generally independent contractors.

    However, whether these people are independent contractors or employees depends on the facts in each case.

    The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done.

    The earnings of a person who is working as an independent contractor are subject to Self-Employment Tax.

    If you are an independent contractor, you are self-employed. To find out what your tax obligations are, visit the Self-Employed Tax Center.

    You are not an independent contractor if you perform services that can be controlled by an employer (what will be done and how it will be done).

    This applies even if you are given freedom of action. What matters is that the employer has the legal right to control the details of how the services are performed.

    If an employer-employee relationship exists (regardless of what the relationship is called), you are not an independent contractor and your earnings are generally not subject to Self-Employment Tax.

    However, your earnings as an employee may be subject to FICA (Social Security tax and Medicare) and income tax withholding.

    For more information on determining whether you are an independent contractor or an employee, refer to the section on Independent Contractors or Employees.


  11. If these payments were for jobs which somehow met ‘independent contractor ‘ status requirements,
    Were those jobs subject to being advertised for competitive bidding by other contractors?

  12. Susan? The moron will understand NONE of that. Watch, he will come back and insert his foot into his mouth yet again.

  13. I cant believe I once trusted these people, respected even admired , but with all these allegations, and so much damaging evidence I can only say shame on you all,

    We are a community of faith, forgiveness I urge you to clear the air of any wrong doing,

    show your children that your are not the criminals you are made out to be, This will affect them through out their lives, this is no secret ,

    the whole county is talking ,

    people will go to jail,

    careers will be lost, and a shadow will forever be cast over your family name,

    please come forward and clear the air, for your children’s sake kids can be horrible ,

    and they do not deserve to live under the shadow you have cast

  14. Nob is certainly a township ’emplotyee’/loafer, or a retainer of the Miller crime family somehow, like the down-at-the-heel heel, Goochie Gooch.


    I just picked up a paper Jim Condon, the erratic and sometimes hotheaded Road District Kingpin of McHenry Township carelessly discarded in store.

    I opened up the crumpled paper, but it was blank!

    But I took it home, and with a No.4 lead pencil, tried to see if I could lift the message from the indented writing.

    But I couldn’t, it was too faint to read.

    So, I took it to Dr. Fred with his ultraviolet gun, and lo and behold, the following message appeared:

    Township To Do List February 2018:

    1. Erase video tapes of township goons attacking helpless citizen ASAP

    2. Yell at A.

    3. Call TOI for instructions (Township Officials of Illinois?)

    4. Buy extra-sharp saber

    5. Name saber ‘KINDNESS”

    6. Start killing pig-headed Trustees and their incorrigible Deplorables
    with “KINDNESS.”

    7. Turn in receipt for “KINDNESS” into Township for reimbursement

  16. And you thought only the politicians in Springfield were crooked.

  17. Hi, is there any good reason that posters on this site don’t use your real names?

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