Dylan Stern Another of Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Favorites

“Miscellaneous” income payments made during the last fifty-three months of former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s time in office totaled $244,875.63.

Family members got the most, but other employees also got substantial unsubstantiated additions to their paychecks.

Dylan Stern received $21,700 more than his regular salary.

As with others who were privileged enough to receive such discretionary largess, the largest os Stern’s came near Christmas.

This is part of the over 500 page source document examined to find miscellaneous income. Stern received $,1700 extra money in November of 2015.

Here is where a $1,500 “bonus” showed up in December, 2015.

He also was blessed with money–$1,200–after Miller lost the February Republican Primary Election to McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

The miscellaneous payments follow:


Dylan Stern Another of Former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Favorites — 19 Comments

  1. The man with no compunction is still shilling for the Hitlery delegate, I see.

  2. Since I just ate breakfast of tax-payer’s gruel, I’ll refrain from viewing McHenry County’s own little tyrant.

    Remember, Jack has many health concerns.

  3. So if this is prevalent in other townships there should be a savings to taxpayers by eliminating townships and their road districts.

    In this instance, $55,433.54 per year, just counting the road district.

  4. Cal, if you haven’t viewed it yet, wear at least hip waders, chest waders would be better.

  5. No, he did not, Cal. He spoke a bunch of doubletalk saying absolutely nothing as per usual.

  6. Pretty hilarious, Franks cuts the budget, doesn’t lay off county employees, wants to rebate citizens for the valley high surplus and people are against this? Hilarious.

  7. Spotlight, don’t be so naive.

    He didn’t cut property taxes.

    This would’ve been a financial boon for the county with or without Franks.

    He’s just trying to grab credit for AN ABATEMENT.

    Not a tax levy cut.

    It’s not sustainable as it was a once in a lifetime boon.


    Even his lackey’s admit this.

    Time you get on board with what’s really going on.

  8. Yeah real hilarious, Spotlight.

    Franks also tripled the cost of his elected office with two patronage hires, one to do his job, and the other to do his campaign picture taking and writing WITH McHENRY CO.TAXPAYER DOLLARS.

    Now we find out we are also footing the bill for his fancy paper campaign honor roll congrats!? campaigning out of the admin bldg with tax dollars, isn’t that Illegal???

  9. The book definition of an abatement is “the ending, reduction, or lessening of something.” What did Franks ‘lessen?’ Taxes.

    The Government definition of an abatement is a “reduction of or exemption from taxes granted by a government for a specified period, usually to encourage certain activities such as investment in capital equipment. A tax incentive is a form of tax abatement.”

    So yes, Franks cut taxes via way of an abatement. Annnnd your problem is? Also, I wasn’t aware the Chairman didn’t have discretionary spending? Care to venture where the Honor Roll certificates come from or do you need me to google you the definition of ‘discretionary?’

    Also, no mention of the proposed rebate of millions to the taxpayers? I take it you aren’t opposed to that?

    Finally, as far as I’m concerned, who cares if Franks has staff? Doesn’t seem to be a problem for you that Rep. Reick has a Springfield and an in District staffer. Should he be handling constituent case management instead? Very curious on your thoughts Mr. Conman.

  10. Spotlight? Try holding your breath until you see that amorphous rebate. Let us know how that works out for you.

  11. How about we go to county board meetings to ensure the board supports giving the taxpayers back what is rightfully theirs? Who’s in?

  12. An abatement (which is what the 11% is) is not the same thing as a cut.

    Even Scala says it’s not sustainable and taxes will have to go right back up.

    And Franks is nothing but the board chairman.

    That position never had staff and doesn’t need it.

    IF he did his own job like those before him.

    He’s campaigning from his elected office and I believe that is illegal!

  13. Will we get to see how much Misc pay has been handed out since Gasser took office?

  14. Looks like you blew at your job Nob…..haven’t seen your name yet on the MISC pay list!

  15. You’re blind as a bat Joe.
    Knowing that makes your comments more logical.

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