Handgun Photo Put on Internet by Woodstock North High School Brings Police

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Social Media Threat Assessment – Juvenile Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Woodstock North High School

During the morning hours of February 20th, 2018, the Woodstock Police Department (WPD) was made aware by Community Unit School District 200 officials of a social media exchange
between numerous Woodstock North High School (WNHS) students.

It was later determined that a 17 year old male student of WNHS sent a photo, via social media, depicting a handgun with a caption attached which could be construed as threatening.

The WPD School Resource Officer was contacted and informed of this incident.

Working with WPD detectives, the student and his guardian were immediately located and subsequently interviewed.

A comprehensive threat assessment was conducted and a search of the juvenile’s home was consented to by the juvenile and his guardian.

It was determined that the photo sent was obtained by the juvenile on the internet and he never actually possessed the depicted weapon, or any other jeapons.

The juvenile was placed under arrest and was subsequently charged with Disorderly Conduct, and ultimately released back to his guardian’s custody.

In an effort to make juveniles fully aware of the consequences that could occur, the Woodstock Police Department strongly recommends that parents discuss with their children the effects of conducting alarming or disturbing actions.

No further information will be released about this incident since this investigation involves a


Handgun Photo Put on Internet by Woodstock North High School Brings Police — 26 Comments

  1. In light of the recent and not so recent school and public event tragedies McHenry County should engage in a realistic discussion. I and many others have children in our schools. It could happen right here in McHenry County. We could and should take action by passing a local county law prohibiting military style assault rifles and ammunition similar to the AR15. How many law-abiding gun owners in McHenry County would be affected ?… My guess very few… What would they do ? Change guns.. Will this local law guarantee children safety..No… Might it help prevent a horrible tragedy..maybe yes. Is this a worthy discussion for Mchenry County ?.. As a parent, I can’t think of a better one.

  2. Politicians have destroyed and removed all public access to mental health treatment options.

    Without a public value of caring for the weakest among us any attempt to remove mere tools from the public arena will be a failure.

    Reopen public treatment centers.

    Reopen asylums.

    Hire competent psychologists as counselors in schools.

    Treat the real problem of human fallibility and brokenness and we can begin to undo what disgusting self interested politicians have destroyed in our society for decades.

    Stop blaming tools for human failings.

    It’s just a bad argument.

  3. Middle and high stools in the US are incredibly segregated; not by color but different classes within the culture.
    It’s pretty uniquely American to have theses levels of status and class.
    For those on the bottom it can be very tough and in many instances desperation leads to extreme violence to be noticed.
    We as a culture need to change.

  4. AR15 series rifles have been one of the best selling firearms in the US for a number of years.

    A ban would effect a lot of people, and a local ban would require a change in Illinois law.

    Some localities in Illinois have a ban on scary looking guns, but those bans were grandfathered in – the window closed in 2013.

    Most hunting rifles are considerably more powerful than so-called “assault weapons”, and high capacity detachable magazines are available for many of them.

    Priest, +1

  5. Gun free zones are the problem, violence always happens in no gun zones first.
    What priest said could prevent incidents, plus train and arm competent people in schools. Doing this could minimize such high numbers of fatalities.

  6. Had Woodstock High School been subject to the same idiotic policy observed at the Parkland School in Broward County, the Police may not have been contacted and the ‘subject’ would not have been arrested.

  7. There was no AR involved in the false flag CIA operation in Parkland Florida. These theatrics are set up to distract you from what they are doing while getting you all to fight over gun laws. Odd, too isn’t it that it should have happened right when the Senate was going to vote on the state concealed carry permits being enforced across all states!The FBI and the CIA need to go down for this ludicrousness.


  8. “Politicians have destroyed and removed all public access to mental health treatment options”. Our very own and entertaining second coming of William F. Buckley Jr. conveniently left out the words “republican compassionate conservative” at the beginning of his/her most recent enlightening post. As a pro-lifer, I must remind my compassionate conservative friends to stop insisting in keeping their eyes closed to the real problem and accept once and for all the real problem is easy access to assault military weaponry. Oh, wait. perhaps we should first tackle the Hollywood left and the video games industry…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  9. The problem is us all of us. Guns don’t cause road rage, we do.
    Unfortunately, we do not teach our kids to respect anyone and this is very evident in our schools.
    We are all to blame; the coach strutting around the school and his fellow teachers who endorse this crazy system that isolates students, the NWH that devotes most of its pages to “star” athletes, the parents who don’t teach their kids basic manners and RESPECT.
    While against easy access to assault weapons, the method of slaughter could just as easily be a vehicle plowing through kids going into the school, God forbid.
    Next time you go out, watch how disrespectful kids are to the workers behind the counter while their parents are beside them.
    If you want to see evidence of how disrespectful we are just read many of the comments posted on this blog.

  10. Good comments by CP.

    The entertainment industry (Hollywood, others) have had an adverse effect on children and our society. From violent movies, violent video games to inane tv situation comedies where children are shown talking back and disrespecting their parents. The adults who run the entertainment industry have worked against the best efforts of parents who strive to instill positive values in their children.

  11. Section 8 introduces Third World thuggery into quaint McHenry landscape.

    Get used to it or get out!

    There’s always homeschooling … until losers like Reick ban it!

    You can count on some of the larger McH police depts. to try and hide the crime caused by minorities bc publicizing it would be ‘too inflammatory’ which is newspeak for ‘dangerous bc it might wake people up when little Sandy down the street is raped or worse.”

  12. Going back 5-10 years, there have been a number of attacks by roving youth mobs at various places. The larger of these attacks included the Wisconsin Fair, Michigan Ave shopping center, beach on Lake Michigan. Innocent people of all ages including children were attacked, knocked down, punched, etc. Supposedly, these mobs use social media, smart phones to coordinate and then converge at a location.

    Also in Chicago over the past few years have been an alarming increase of carjackings, attacks in public transportation and on sidewalks including the Loop by roving youths.

    Have to ask when any of the above are caught and prosecuted, what was their family situation? Were these youth raised into their teen years never having a father in the home?

  13. So many entities share responsibility for influencing vulnerable youth who do not have strong mother/father family upbringing.

    Another part of the entertainment industry that pollutes minds of youth are a number of rap artists who suggest violence and violence against women in their lyrics. Should they be held accountable somehow?

    Should our society continue to allow violence in various entertainment vehicles used by our youth because some say that is OK per the First Amendment?

  14. It is interesting how influential on our youth has been the mostly left leaning media. The children, youth on tv over the last week are mostly reiterating what the left media has spewed. Of course political leaders should be compassionate and respectful to the youth but in the end it has to be political leader adults who determine, implement and suggest solutions. What can be done about the deterioration of the traditional family structure of mother/father and the glorification of violence in so many vehicles of the entertainment industry?

  15. Haven’t been on this blog in forever and had forgotten what an odd assortment of commenters it has. Still hilarious.

  16. On behalf of our McHenry county sunshine blog, award-winning sunshine blogger, and intellectually challenged sunshine commenters, we want to extend the nra (lower case intended) organization and its friendly-faced moral leader Wayne LaPierre our most sincere thoughts and heartfelt prayers for all the pain and suffering inflicted on you after being called out for owning republican lawmakers all across the country at both state and federal levels to prevent any sort of common sense and reasonable gun control. And to the families of those who had a loved one murdered at this most recent school shooting, please remember that the value of the life of your son or daughter is not near the value of our second amendment and second amendment rights, which in words of our one-term congressman and freedom spiritual leader Joe Walsh, protect all other rights. We are confident this reminder will provide you the necessary comfort and strength every time you visit your loved one in the grave. Finally, keep in mind our research based argument about this being a Hollywood left, and video game industry issue. Stay tuned… tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  17. It is always fascinating and entertaining to read how my compassionate conservative friends quickly embrace their favorite weapon of mass deception: “distract and deflect.” The parents, Hollywood, the video games, mental illness, the Northwest Herald, the Left, Section 8, all of us, rap artists, dictator Obama, you name it. I’ve never heard yet the same audacious nonsense from my compassionate conservative friends after it is known the attacker happens to profess a non-christian religion, let’s say, the Muslim faith. For some mysterious reason, it does not occur to them the root cause of this ongoing routine carnage across our beautiful United States lies in the outrageous amounts of money the corporate gun lobbyists spend buying republican candidates and elected officials. Fortunately, there is this sunshine blog and our award winning paparazzi sunshine blogger, bringing a new meaning to the word journalism. Here in the sunshine blog, we report, you decide…kind of…stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  18. How pathetic. And stupid. Those who shift blame to the nra. Hypothetically, if the nra were to be dissolved/disbanded made illegal due to an act by the Congress and approval by the President, would gun violence in the streets of Chicago and elsewhere stop? Would the gang bangers and the bad guys turn their guns in to the police?

  19. The philosopher conservative is out and the old-timer name caller conservative is back in. Banning the nra…not a bad idea after all. Again, more deflection. This is not about gangs, but the availability of military assault weaponry to anybody with a pulse. How will this nation become safer by regulating/banning video games? Nonsense, right? Will every household turn in their video games to the police and our society become violence-free? Furthermore, please provide additional meaningful insight on the correlation between the Section 8 of the 1937 Housing Act and mass shootings. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  20. You would think a teacher would have some interest in the underlying reasons for school gun violence.
    Sad that they do not.

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