Algonquin Township Phone Hacked

Algonquin Township Hall

Someone hacked the Algonquin Township phone system this morning.

When one called 847-639-2700 and selected option zero, one heard something like this:

The office of Algonauin Township is closed

For patronage and employment, press 1

For information or to learn more about wasting money, press 2.

For legal defense fund, press 3.

For Gasbag press 5.

The final option, of course, gives one a lead on who violated the law.

At noon, the substitute message had been removed.

Reached for comment, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser said,

Andrew Gasser

“Whoever did this needs to be fired.

“If it’s a contractor, they contract needs to be terminated.

“This is childish and pettiness that the voters elected me to get rid of.”


Algonquin Township Phone Hacked — 37 Comments

  1. Without a doubt, it was the Russians who are responsible for this dastardly deed.
    I just heard A DEMOCRAT on CNN say so.
    Cal take care, this blog may be next.

  2. I don’t see the problem. Algonquin Township ought to write them a check for making the phone system accurate.
    So…did they receive a bill yet?

  3. These people are stupid! This is criminal. It is NOT a joke. Who is running this world? Teenagers that think everything is a funny joke? I hope they go after these nitwits that do not have any integrity. Maybe some punishment can teach them some.

  4. IDK if I’d classify this as a hack.

    It sounds like either an inside job or incredibly poor password security.

  5. I’ve worked in IT for a long time, Cindy.

    We generally make a distinction between outside actors going to some effort to break in, and inside people sabotaging things either deliberately or by gross carelessness.

    I realize that words can have many meanings, but we generally only use the word ‘hack’ when it’s outside actors who are primarily responsible.

  6. Ex you give me to much credit, but thx for the thought.
    NHW headline: “Algonquin Township parodied in reprogrammed phone system”
    Behind every joke, there is an underlying truth.

  7. Commissioner Gasser’s response is perfect.

    What are they afraid of?

    That someone newly elected has already accomplished more in his first term, than Bob Miller has during his entire dynasty?

    Resorting to childish pranks sure stinks of that fear.

    The person who did this shows signs of arrested development, but mental incapacity will do that.

  8. Shouldn’t be hard for a police authority or the local branch of the bureau from D.C. to do an analysis of the voice on the recording.

  9. Billy Bob. You are getting technical. Run of the mill folks wouldn’t know any of that. Thus it is referred to as a hack.

  10. Bureau are to busy with Russia according to Trump.
    Murmuring Mutton, where did that quote come from?
    Is that you Andrew trying to Waltz again?

  11. Murmuring- are you another Gasser profile? No one has ever said that, prob because its not even close to true. and yes Andrew Gasser when you don’t like other peoples views tell people to ignore them! Thats effective! (Sarcasm for you late bloomers)

  12. It was Childish and nonsense.
    I suppose another dude will be hired to find out who did this to waste more tax money?
    Hold the Games please.

  13. Thanks for the chuckle, but my tech guy probably has a much more robust firewall than Algonquin Township’s.

  14. Cal, just to let you know, the NWH just deleted all the comments on the related on line story.
    I appreciate that you never have done that.

  15. Maybe the northworst herald will do an investigative story and save the taxpayers some $$ lol

  16. Nice try, no I am not Andrew Gasser. What quote are you referring to nob, and justavoice? You’re entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else. Without your out there accusations.

  17. Rebecca Derek Mallory and Anna’s long lost son bob jr are trying to figure it out. How sad

  18. Riiiinnng! Riiiinnng!This is the sunshine blog speaking. Press 666 for the sunshine blogger. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  19. I never see any comments on the NWH site. Do they even allow comments? I didn’t know communists did that. I know they don’t allow certain letters to the editor to get into print. Why would they allow non-communists to comment?

  20. Mixed sarcasm like here.
    Forget the comments, another Gasser lawsuit filed, more $$$$ wasted.

  21. Some people never grow up.

    It’s a little bit hilarious and also creative.

  22. If only someone were that hilarious and creative when El Bobbo and his cartel were ripping off the taxpayers!

  23. Farrin, I’m seeing a pattern here in that you offer absolutely nothing.

  24. Farrin raises an interesting idea.

    Under El bobby press 1 for junkets for the Miller family,

    press 2 to order tote bags online at taxpayer expense,

    press 3 to sell like new street sweepers for $185,000 less than value,

    press 4 for $47,000,

    press 5 for nepotism,

    press 6 for late night secret deals with Local 150,

    press 7 for salt delivery,

    press 8 for a circus tent delivered and installed at taxpayer expense,

    press 9 for Disneyland,

    press 0 for excessive spending on all of Bob’s toys including a woodworking shop.

  25. Can someone check Bob Millers writings and see that he also writes “to” instead of “too” so we can agree Nob is Bob .

  26. Zgone? They are NOT the same person. One is way dumber than the other.

  27. Mine are about as valid as everyone else blaming a certain someone on here! Fact…….? And its my opinion because it has quite a few similar qualities of his other fake profiles. Also it is very easily arguable to say Andrew Gasser has NOT done more for the township than Miller, even if you dont like the Miller Clan

  28. Hah DJ, good one.
    I’d bet the voice belongs to someone from Nunda .

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