Local 150 Turns Down Negotiation Request from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser

On February, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser attorney Robert Hanlon sent an email to Local 150 of the Operating Engineers asking if the union was entering into contract negotiations.

It was a short message to Bryan P. Diemer with copies to Bob Paszta, Mark Gummerson, Michael E. Avakian.

Subject: Algonquin Township settlement proposal


I write to you to ascertain if we could arrange a settlement in connection with the various claims of Local 150 on the purported contract that has us engaged in multiple actions in Court and before the Labor Board. Accordingly, perhaps it would benefit everyone if we agree to stop litigating and sit down and negotiate a contact that works for everyone, both sides would benefit.

To the extent that you wish to consider this option, please let me know. Perhaps our collective business judgment will avoid further expense to both sides.

Robert T. Hanlon

Below is Operating Engineers’ reply:


Local 150 Turns Down Negotiation Request from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser — 27 Comments

  1. Would ‘privatizing’ the Road District via elimination of the District and placing the road maintenance directly under the control of the Board of Trustees who could then open the job to private sector bidding not eliminate the ‘bargaining unit’?

    Would such an activity (bidding the job) be subject to the State Prevailing Wage law?

    If so, we, the taxpayers, cannot support the elimination of any Road District.

    The State Prevailing Wage law is one of the reasons people leaving the State. it must be repealed.

  2. You can sum up the two communications as follows:

    Hanlon: Lets talk
    150: FU

    But if you think about their positions Hanlon wins by fighting. So local 150 is actually helping Hanlon by fighting with him. Very strange.

  3. It seems the original goal Team Gasser was to break the union and get rid of the Miller patronage workers, drain the swamp.
    It was handled poorly from the day Gasser was sworn in, who ever was advising Andrew did more harm than good.
    By walking in and firing the three without cause when the union was not already declared illegal/void was ignorant at best of IL law.
    With a LITTLE patience he probably could of found cause, they probably would of handed it to him.
    If he had walked in that morning and asked to renegotiate the contract, the employees may have done so, but piss them off from the get go, why should they?
    Andrew has proven he can’t be trusted, his hire of Patronage Ryan P. violated his own talking points.
    This email is holding up a white flag with the hope to save face.
    To late apparently, the union seems to be holding the winning hand!

  4. Just shut down the road district. These greedy goons are not needed until next winter.

  5. Union wins in a cake walk, Algonquin Township residents get crushed!

    Welcome to the big leagues, Andrew.

  6. Conservative, any outsourcing will be subject to prevailing wage.

    And contractors are in the business of making money.

    Probably end up with a lot of 150 guys paid at a higher rate than the municipal agreements they negotiate

  7. Since when is a “settlement” that one party gets everything they want, and the other party gets nothing?

    What a hypocritical response by 150. I think Observing nailed it.

  8. settle with the union. hire the guys back with 1/2 back pay or less. then go through proper channels to fire them again.

  9. I don’t see a white flag here at all, Nob.

    To the best of my knowledge, Gasser and Hanlon haven’t challenged the union certification vote itself, merely the contract that Miller negotiated with local 150.

    The only thing that I’m reading into Hanlon’s letter is that he wants to be able to show the court that he has made a good faith effort to negotiate a new contract with the union.

  10. Billy Bob, then why didn’t this email get generated way back when this all started.
    By coming out now it’s to late, the Union argument is solid, second sentence say it all.
    Are you happy with how Gasser/Hanlon handled this?

  11. If I were a resident of Algonquin Township, I’d be furious at the amount of tax money that’s been wasted on this.

    Having said that, I don’t think the contract should be upheld.

    Miller had no right to tie the hands of his successor for his entire term, and the contract should have been approved by the Township Board.

    The fact that there was a special provision protecting his SIL’s foreman job makes the whole thing even more ludicrous.

  12. No white flag Nob…..just you with your head up you know where. You keep spouting garbage. Maybe if you did a better job you would have gotten some MISC pay!!! Lol

  13. You’re blind as a bat Joe.
    Knowing that makes your comments more logical.

  14. Coffey has spoken of that there is some value in long term contracts, easier to budget long term.
    I am a Alg Twh resident, and agree the wasted lawyer stuff is wrong.
    Are you happy with the way Gasser/Hanlon has handled this?
    Are you happy with how Gasser/Lutzow have handled the records and related lawsuits initiated by Gasser?

  15. Sorry Nob….your the dummy here. But I forgot. You have all the connections!!! lol. Your in with everyone, except misc pay. Lol

  16. That’s it Mrs!

    Ridicule something insignificant and avoid substance!

    I for one am extremely happy with the way Gasser and Hanlon have acted.

    Miller created the land mines and caused disruption as opposed to just turning over the office.

    Miller and his clan intentionally play games and now this hacking.

    No Bob and company its not going back to business as usual.

    This road district and the township need to end

  17. No Cindy, the voice is from a younger man.
    Like I already said this was childish and a waste of my taxes.

  18. Nice to see what a real lawyer looks like. Take note Gasser and Hanlon!

  19. I didn’t think it was you, nob. I just like to keep you in line for promotion.

  20. Best part of the letter: Incredibly, Township tax payers have spent a quarter of a million dollars in search of an answer to this fundamental question.

    That really says it all.

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