Mary McClellan’s Ribs & Robes Fundraiser Tonight — 12 Comments

  1. If she can get enough Gold Star fools, she won’t have to look for a legitimate job after she loses the election. Plus they can always use a little bail money for Ed’s adventures in harassment.

  2. With her running for Judge, will there be an educated poll watcher at every polling place on election day?

    Will there be trained poll watchers to observe and record the count?

    In addition, Alg. Township facilities are used to transmit election day returns to the County Building for forwarding on to a computer located somewhere controlled by a third party. We have a new Highway Commissioner and new staff in Algonquin who have never facilitated this activity.

    McClellan should NOT be permitted to be anywhere close to any election equipment either before, during or after this election. Was she not already found to mess with ‘stuff’?

  3. To connect the dots

    There is no early voting at Algonquin Township and I doubt if there will be any equipment transportation from there.

    better check with the township

    Just happened to think – perhaps some of those bonuses or extra pay to Miller favorites were for persons involved in the handling of the election equipment. Not a function of townships. Quid pro quo.


  4. Anyone who attends is part of the problem. Please post pictures so we can identify her supporters.

  5. Yes, I agree with Bald. I’d like to know who to never vote for again in the future. Picture’s, and name’s please.

  6. Did you notice, in typical McClellan fashion, her signs are going up in sign no man’s land – privately owned frontage or public right of way -often on properties where the buildings are vacant. Did she obtain permission? And this is someone who wants to be a judge?

  7. I may be wrong, but I think she has to declare the names and amounts donated by each person. Hopefully it will get posted here. Again, I am not sure what the law is.

  8. Only contributions of over $150 must be made public and that will be after the election in April.

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