Sheriff Passes Algonquin Towsnship Phone Hacking to State Police and State’s Attorney

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim’s deputies were the law enforcement officials who were called about the Algonquin Township phone hacking yesterday.

Today, a spokeman for the Sheriff’s Office told McHenry County Blog that the Sheriff had turned over the criminal case to the Illinois State Police and and McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

“There are a lot of crossing political lines that would lead the Sheriff open to a charge by either side that he not being objective,” the spokesman said.

He pointed to Prim’s support of Bob Miller in last February’s Republican Primary Election and his use of current Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s attorney, Robert Hanlon, having acted as Prim’s personal attorney in the past.


Sheriff Passes Algonquin Towsnship Phone Hacking to State Police and State’s Attorney — 19 Comments

  1. More truly wasted $$$$$.
    The A hole who did this nonsense is just adding to AT tax payer pain for a couple of laughs.
    I hear another lawsuit was just filed.
    Just fricking great.

  2. What’s the charge?

    Fix your security issues and move on.

    Nobody got hurt, when in politics you need a thick skin.

  3. Well the business I work at had their voicemail system hacked by a former employee and the cops wouldn’t do anything about it.

    It’s a hoot and a great lesson, who was harmed Cindy?

    Fix the issue and move forward.

    Obviously it is not moral or legal, I simply don’t care and I find it a huge waste of resources.

  4. If the phone system belongs to Algonquin Township and not the Road District, I have to wonder how much cooperation the investigating authorities will get.

    According to the story in the NWHerald, it is a private system hooked up to a Township computer.

    If they are running things properly, there really shouldn’t be more than a couple of people who have the proper access to make changes like that.

    I hope they don’t have a bunch of employees running around with administrator privileges, or worse yet, a single administrator account that many people know the password to.

  5. The current IT company helping with this situation (IT Connection/ Keith Seda) is the same company that wiped the servers at the Highway Department.

    Seriously Chuck?

    I’m sure he will get to the bottom of it quickly.

    you might as well have Bob Miller investigating it.

    Illinois leaks reports that the day Chuck Lutzow took office he signed a lease with Liberty sign (Bob’s old buddy’s company)for peanuts.

    Not meeting, no approval, no nothing, but a revenue stream for Liberty sign.

    Come on people wake up!. I’m sure Nob has some crazy thoughts on that too.

    Cal: You seam to be a buddy of the ECW folks and yet even you didn’t report that transaction. Come on lets see what’s really going on here.

  6. Sign has been there over 20 years.
    About 2 sgyd of land, not worth the paper work to mess with property taxes.
    Chuck on his own just re did it.
    Chuck and Jack are pals.
    No board approval, he was a bad boy.
    Do you think the board should suit Chuck?

  7. Nob, you clearly know very little of the law and real estate. Look at the legal description in the lease. The lease is viewable on Illinois leaks site.

    Don’t be surprised if Jack shows up and evicts the township because Chuck signed a lease with the description North side of Rt 14. Worse, Jacks heirs.

    Chuck there is a reason you need approval for doing stuff,

  8. Frank I didn’t address the legal description location of the sign, which does seem to be a problem as you say.
    Changing that would be a good idea, more specific on the location.
    Defining the land value probably at this point is a good idea also, is the property tax om 2 sgyd worth the related paper work?
    Do you think the board should suit Chuck?
    With all the other BS going on related to Chuck, his resignation would be a fine thingy.

  9. Where is the township attorney on all of this? Isn’t this why we have attorneys – to review leases and other contracts? Is that even legal for a Township to lease property to a private entity? What if Dunkin Donuts wants to lease frontage? Previous supervisors signed a lease with Liberty signs. Where is the basis for Nob’s statement about property taxes – does government pay property taxes?

    These convenient oversights are nothing new. If you look at the lease amount and then the amount of the check paying that year’s lease you’ll find there is a discrepancy in what the lease states and what Liberty signs paid. Does anybody up there in the township care; do they even check these things?

  10. If gov leases put land of they own, the Corp leasing it is to pay property taxes.
    In this case it isn’t much land.
    Whole buildings or even 1/2 acre, well…

  11. Nob must be taking smart pills. He has been making sense on some of his recent posts. He still has no grammar or spelling skills, but he does appear to be arousing from his deep sleep.

  12. Nob: Does Attorney Kelly concur?

    If lease is legal, shouldn’t lease amount properly compensate the Township?

    Is $600 per year in the ballpark?

    Might check with Clear Channel, and others?

    Why is the Township even be getting into crony deals that create expense without sufficient compensation?

    But, the buddy system was common in the Miller administration where “compensation” was expected at election time.

  13. Tired, if it wss up to me Kelly would be history.
    Almost all the nonsense could of been reduced had he know the law and acted properly when he heard of a problem.
    Tpwnship is receiving a Grand a year for useless land to close to road.
    By where the Christmas trees are sold is the sign.

  14. Nob. Lease says $1000 check received from Liberty says $600. please explain

  15. Chuck Lutzow, Karen Lukasik, Melissa Victor, Must go, and so should that township Lawyer!

  16. Herb Willis, thank you! Agree, agree, agree a thousand times. Is there a path that the voting, tax paying, public can take to reach that end?
    Chuck Lutzow, Karen Lukasik, Melissa Victor, Attorney Kelly: Go, resign, quit, walk away…be gone.

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