Karen Lukasik’s Algonquin Township Bus Driver Bonus

Now Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik worked for former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller as a bus driver from the November, 2016, until March, 2017, about two months before Miller’s term expired.

Karen Lukasik

Hired just three months before the February, 2017, and GOP Primary Election when she won the Clerk nomination and Andrew Gasser beat our her running mate and boss for the Highway Commissioner slot.

In all, she earned $933.75.

Of that amount, $250 was for miscellaneous income, which she received two weeks before Christmas and six weeks before the primary election.

When interviewed by the Northwest Herald, Lukasik she said she got the $250 bus driving bonus for going “above and beyond” what was expected.

“Anytime the bus drivers wold do extra, Bob would pay extra,” she is quote in the NWH article.

The intermediary in receiving the bonuses was Miller’s wife Anna May, who served as his administrative assistant.


Karen Lukasik’s Algonquin Township Bus Driver Bonus — 6 Comments

  1. All of these misc payments look very much like bribes. Isn’t that where you would categorize bribery payments? Under miscellaneous?

  2. Does she also keep up the Miller perk of bringing home ‘free’ toilet paper from the Township?

  3. cheapest scape goat ever,they have to be laughing at this fool, sacrificing all for what??

    under $1000 ????

    hahahaha, bus driving position ??, maybe with the miller connections you can be a trustee in prison when you are convicted .

    You have to be wondering with all the big bonuses for the rest of the accomplices where do you stand???

    sacrificial lamb, that’s where,

    I’m sorry lady but you are a fool to let these people put your name , and risk your freedom for criminal acts that’s you were probably convinced was not a crime ,

    stand UP FOR YOURSELF ,

    protect your own well being ,

    and if you have to ask why???

    ask where is my Disney tickets?

    where is my Christmas $3000 bonus??

    I’ll tell you, your just not that special ,your expendable , and cheap!!!

    sleep well.

  4. No. This is why we had such good service and such a good reputation BEFORE the politics came in to shut down the Townships, the people workinmg cared and they were taken care of. I dont remember seeing ANY of you before people started “Fact” finding- Way to ruin a good town.

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