Michael Rein Tells of Accomplishments at Fund Raiser

Woodstock’s Michael Rein outlines his accomplishments on the McHenry County Board at his fundraiser.

High above the Woodstock Square, a fundraiser for McHenry County Board member Micheal Rein was held in the office of Realtor Kim Keefe.

Before the Michael Rein fund raiser began, these elected officials were chatting. From left to right, Crystal Lake Park Board member Shawn Zimmerman, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, County Board Vice Chairman Jeff Thorsen and McHenry County Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio.

He told of spearheading rhe effort to lower the cost of health care for county employees, including County Board members.

Michael Rein greeting guests.

That saves about $1.2 million a year…about four million over four years.

Judge Tiffany Davis chats with County Board member Jeff Thorsen and County Board candidate Orville Brettman. Demetri Tsilimigras was also in attendance, but didn’t get caught by my lens.

Rein fought County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ $4 million remodeling plan.

It ended up at $2.8 million with Rein leading the way to a more economical approach.

There were two other efforts in which Rein was on the side of the taxpayers, but a majority of his Republican colleagues disagreed.

One involved the paying off a bond.

$586,000 was levied to pay off the bond last year.

Rein was the only person in district 5 who voted for Wilcox’s motion to give back $586,000 off of next years levy.

The bond that had expired now will go back into the General Fund.

This shows that the members that voted not to take it off of next year’s levy have no desire to lower taxes for next year.

The second effort to save money involved Franks’ intimidating County Administrator Peter Austin to hire two patronage employees without authorization of the County Board, as Board Rules require.

Again a majority of Republicans on the Board capitulated to Franks’ improper action.

Now, one of those patronage employees, Bridget Geenen is typing up and sending out congratulatory certificates to students who make the Honor Roll.

See “Taxpayers Finance Jack Franks’ Congratulatory Messages to School Students.”


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  1. Michael is a soft spoken person that has come out of his comfort zone to help the county save money, and he is one of very few willing to expose the wasteful spending and questionable moves by self serving fellow politicians.

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