Federal Judge Orders $400 per Hour Payment to Robert Hanlon, Less Than Rate Charged Algonquin Township

Robert Hanlon

There has been criticism of attorney Robert Hanlon’s rate of compensation while he is representing Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser.

As reported before, Hanlon won a case against a labor union in northwestern Indiana.

Now the Magistrate Judge has set his fees in the case.

You can read that he received $400 an hour in the Court Order below:

Hanlon charges the Algonquin Township Road District $375 per hour for the case against Local 150.

He charges nothing for the case against Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller and Miller’s wife and former administrative assistant, Anna May.

The District of Columbia working with Hanlon on both the Indiana and and Local 150 case is Michael Avakian.

He charges $515/ per hour on the Algonquin Township Road District case, while and the Federal Judge says his rate of $540 per hour was reasonable in the Indiana Ironworkers Union case.


Federal Judge Orders $400 per Hour Payment to Robert Hanlon, Less Than Rate Charged Algonquin Township — 18 Comments

  1. Here’s the problem. Federal judge. Federal should have no jurisdiction over state’s business. Ever. Period.

  2. the real problem is crooks like Bob Miller and rotten unions, Cindy.

  3. The way I see it is that the real problem is the cost of $400.00 an hour for an attorney.

  4. Hmmmmmmm. Good logic Eric!

    You need to get a job at the Obama Presidential Library or a public school teaching ebonics.

    Hanlon is merely a symptom of the problem presented in the above video.

    You’re like the fool who sees somebody coughing out their guts from lung cancer, yet focuses on the cough and not the underlying oncological condition.

    People like you are the reason Illinois is dying … and the truth of that fact is becoming ever harder to hide!

  5. The pay scale for lawyers in Chicago is far higher than it is in McHenry County.

    Believe it or not, $400/hr is actually fairly low for Chicago.

  6. Cal you have your greater than and less than sign backwards. The Title ought to read Federal Judge orders hourly charges for Attorney Hanlon at $400/hr, which is greater than charged to Algonquin Township.

  7. Billy Bob, it costs big bucks to park near courthouses in Rahmville.
    That explains it.

  8. Just for sh!t and grins, let’s do some funny math that is not so funny.

    $400.00 an hour for a 40-hour work week is $16,000.00 a week, $832,000 per year.

  9. Hanlon’s A Hero for doing the Algonquin Township case pro-bono.

    Cal, any idea what El Bobbo’s Lawyer Gooch squeezed out of the township so far??? That hefty legal bill is only BECAUSE of El Bobbi and clan’s misdeeds. Along with the many who were complicit!

    Has the township considered getting a new township lawyer?

  10. Just so we are clear here.

    What case and where is the bulk of the cost accruing by the taxpayer, just curious.

    I’ve been told maybe wrong, it’s the 150 issue, from what I see the real cost, good or bad.

  11. Paul Revere? You need to “get a grip” on how this country was founded and the fact that federal is NOT superior to state. This situation that we are in was NEVER intended. How we let things get this out of bounds is a huge problem!

  12. This was a case in a US District Court, so the Feds get to decide what a reasonable rate of pay is for the lawyers.

    Since they are close to Chicago, they probably used Chicago rates as their standard for local atty pay.

    A state court very well might have considered the rate to be excessive.

  13. Eric you may have discovered why anyone would consciously decide to suffer through law School!

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