Kevin Fitzgerald Tallies $7,150 from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Continuing to report on the miscellaneous bonus payments that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner made from January 1, 2013, until he left office in mid-May of last year, we come to Kevin Fitzgerald.

The Northwest Herald article revealed information McHenry County Blog has not.

Among such was a quote from the former Grafton Township Attorney former Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore had to go to court to get rid of–Keri-Lyn Krafthefer.

She is identified as the co-author of the handbook published by Township Officials of Illinois.

Keri-Lyn Krafthefer in 2010.

The comment from her I thought most important was the last one in the long article the NWH published on Sunday, February 18th:

“There are responsibilities that come with handling taxpayer dollars.

“These payments seem arbitrary, unreasonable and unsupported by documents to legitimately show they were tied to a public purpose.”

Fitzgerald’s miscellaneous pay appears below:

Unlike other highway employees, Fitzgerald’s extra payments were not concentrated just before Christmas, except in the year before Miller lost his office.


Kevin Fitzgerald Tallies $7,150 from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller — 11 Comments

  1. Why does it have to show a savings?

    For my money, consolidation makes sense if it simply makes the road district operation run as a democratic body.

    This one man no oversight situation which exists in our townships is what let the abuses we’ve read about happen.

    They wouldn’t have happened if it had been a board and not simply and individual with no oversight.

    That’s more important to me than savings..

    It certainly won’t cost more.

    The board could rehire everyone, including the Highway Commissioner, and press on as a democratic body.

  2. Great question Nob, in reviewing the payroll Andrew is a better friend than Miller.

    Andrew has given Kevin $3,400 in miscellaneous pay since he’s taken office on May 15, 2017.

    I’ll be applying tomorrow

  3. BTW, your picture shows $7,400 and the headline is $7,150. Which one is it cal?

  4. We are waiting to see what is legitimate Misc pay and what is not, if any.

    That will tell the tale.

    Hopefully some day we will know.

  5. No records could be found telling what the miscellaneous pay was for.

  6. Dammit, I should have befriended the Wipe Miller when I had a chance!

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