Lawyers Give Mary McClellan 10% Approval Rating for Judge

Mary McClellan

The Bar Association solicits opinions from lawyers on judicial candidates.

The results have been released and McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan received the second lowest rating of any judge on the ballot outside of Cook County.

Only Katherine Ruocco of the 20th Judicial District ranked lower at 9.68, district dominated by St. Clair County across the Mississippi from St. Louis.

McClellan is considered the favorite in the four-person race for two reasons:

  • She is the only woman.
  • She \has the highest name identification.

Both male incumbent judges got the highest marks–Robert Wilbrandt in the countywide race and Joel Berg in the contest covering Western McHenry County.

The results of the McHenry County part of the poll follows:

Bar Association ratings of judicial candidates for the Republican Primary Election.


Lawyers Give Mary McClellan 10% Approval Rating for Judge — 29 Comments

  1. Considered the favorite? She’ll probably finish third.

    How did this organization assess the candidates’ health by the way?

    Was there a physical examination?

    What do they mean by sensitivity?

  2. I think Cal meant ‘Favored’ due to the fact that she has every favorable advantage and she still managed to screw up.
    Grossly Pathetic!

  3. If the info in this post by Cal and ALL the items raised by an anonymous source around Christmas does NOT get to the voters, she will win unless she stuffs the ballot box.

    She is out spreading her personal sob story to gain empathy from the female voting block – she is in my opinion an ‘evil’ person.

    Why is early voting this year at the County via paper ballot?

    Who is checking on the ‘chain of custody’ for the ballots cast at the County Building?

    Neither McClellan or any of her staff should not be permitted within 500 feet of those ballots cast at the County in the early voting.

  4. Mary McCrooked’s overall rating of 10 and a legal ability rating of 10.47 is humiliating and anyone with any pride would withdraw from the race.

    At least she has her health, and Eddie.

    Better count the paper clips when she leaves the Clerk’s office.

  5. No surprise on McClellan’s rating as “Not Recommended”.

    Note also the extremely low scores for integrity, impartiality, and legal ability.

    Wonder if her past misdeeds one reason for these low ratings.

    Check out this article – Cook County state’s attorney’s office and a former prosecutor, Mary McClellan was slapped with a rare sanction by a federal judge who said they “acted in bad faith” during a civil rights case filed against Chicago police and the city.

  6. Sensitivity: to the gender queer, illegal invaders, political plunderers and Hilleryites

  7. Is there a link to the poll questions and/or methodology for those of us who like in-depth analysis?

  8. M alicious
    A moral
    R Repulsive
    Y enta

    M ope
    c atty
    C rooked
    L lapd (of Franks, 150, etc)
    E vil
    L egally unfit
    L Loser Husband (whom she hired, but didn’t fire after harassment case filed/investigated)
    A nxious that people are on to her
    N ot nice
    D Dirty Liar

  9. How many lawyers were even involved?

    How can anybody be judged about ‘court management’ if they weren’t a judge already?

    Does “Health” include mental/psychological health?

    Why does Wilbrandt get such a high ‘health’ rating? He’s always having senior moments, and when he was asked if he wore boxers or briefs, he said “Depends”

  10. No D in McClellan Mr. Leo, but she gets a D- from me just the same!

  11. I noticed that the D’s don’t have anyone on the ballot for this race.

    I hope they have a potential candidate that they can slate if the unthinkable happens and McClellan wins the primary.

    In the last general election, I would have voted for Pol Pot or Idi Amin if either one of them were on the ballot against Hillary, and I feel the same way about this race.

  12. What were Tiffany Davis and Joel Berg’s scores before they filed to become judge. Then when someone becomes judge there scores miraculously become higher! Go Figure

  13. And it has always been a good ole judges club.

    The other lawyers that vote on judges always have to give them high marks.

    Name of the game.

  14. @Cindy:
    ” If that isn’t the face of an evil grinch…”

    YES Cindy, a photograph is worth a thousand words and tells us alot about that person.

  15. I’d bet Wilbrandt is spending the most money.

    I get mailers on top of mailers.

    Those are really expensive.

    In the other race, Tiffany Davis is spending a lot and has a campaign organization helping her.

    She’s not doing all that herself.

    There’s no contest, Demetri is the most honorable among those in his race.

  16. Billy bob is wrong both berg and Davis applied for associate positions and each were rated.

  17. The applicants for appointment are rated by the state and local bar associations.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a poll of practicing lawyers such as there is before an election.

    There wouldn’t be a whole lot of value in making a historical comparison of ratings that were produced by different means.

  18. BTW, congratulations are in order for our own Mary McClellan for her stellar achievement in being considered the second worst judicial candidate in the entire state!

    Way to go, Mary! When you were sanctioned by the Federal District Court we just knew you were something special.

    Who knew that John Marshall Law School operated a short yellow bus?

  19. If she becomes a Judge, God help those subject to her.

    She has demonstrated no core ethics nor pride in her quality of work.

  20. @BillyBob there is a poll sent to all members of the bar association.

    The questions are standard and Attorneys who complete the survey/poll must include their ARDC (attorney registration number) on the ballot.

    In Lake the ballots have been tallied by the County Clerk’s counting system at the request of Bar Association Committee.

  21. She’s practically illiterate. Just read her website letter about consolidation of precinct voting sites. It is terribly disjointed,
    without clarity and organization of thought.. it’s just so HER.

  22. This really says it all.

    Even the bar association thinks VERY little of her.

    If she even comes close to winning this primary election there is a SERIOUS problem with the voters in this county!

  23. Holy Crap!! How awful do you have to perform to get 10 out of 100 percent?

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