Local 150 Endorsements

After spending a couple of hundred thousand dollars to defeat Steve Reick for State Representative, it is not a big surprise that Local 150 of the Operating Engineers would take an interest in McHenry County elections.

Here are the union’s endorsements:

McHenry County

  • McHenry County Clerk: Janice Dalton (R)
  • County Board D1: Michael Vijuk (D)
  • County Board D2: Carolyn Schofield (R)
  • County Board D2: Tim O’Neill (D)
  • County Board D2: Josh Howell (R)
  • County Board D3: Joe Gottemoller (R)
  • County Board D3: Kelli Wegener (D)
  • County Board D4: Pamela Althoff (R)
  • County Board D4: Steve Bellmore (R)
  • County Board D5: John Jung, Jr. (R)
  • County Board D5: Lesli Melendy (R)
  • County Board D6: Larry Smith (R)
  • County Board D6: Michele Aavang (R)
  • County Board D6: Buffy Brasile (D)

Incumbent County Board members endorses seem to be those who have stood in McHenry County Board Jack Franks’ corner.

Certainly Local 150 members have put pressure on County Board members who dare question Franks by picketing their places of business.

Interestingly, there are no endorsements listed for McHenry County Judicial candidates.

For the legislature there are endorsement, too:

Illinois Senate

  • Dist. 32: Mary Mahady (D)
  • Dist. 33: Karen McConnaughy (R)

U.S. Congress

  •  Dist. 6: Peter Roskam (R)
  • Dist. 14: Randy Hultgren (R)

State Office

Illinois Statewide

  • Governor- J.B. Pritzker (D)
  • Comptroller- Susana Mendoza (D)
  • Secretary of State- Jesse White (D)
  • Treasurer- Michael Frerichs (D)
  • Attorney General- Kwame Raoul (D)


Local 150 Endorsements — 13 Comments

  1. Acosta and Wedig are missing in District 5.

    Then I see Hultgren and Roskam endorsed.

    Is this some kind of conservative union? …but they picked Althoff over Wheeler and Jung over Rein.

    Weirdest list ever.

  2. Yup, with the exception of Roskam (R) and Randy Hultgren (R) every one of them is a Democrat!

  3. So many RINOs.

    Leeeeery is correct, voting just got a lot easier.

  4. Excellent list.

    Everyone listed is exactly who conservative Republican votes should NOT vote for.

    So those who are not listed are who Republicans should definitely vote for.

    That means Wheeler in D4, Rein in D5, and Schuster / Breitman in D6.

    These guys deserve to win.

  5. Why aren’t Althoof, Aavang and Onion boy Jung running as Democrats?

    That’s false advertising!

  6. Of course they’d endorse Gottemoller, he’s in their pockets deep!

  7. This is really funny!

    After what Union 150 did to screw over the board with the OMA violation I wonder if any one of these candidates will have the guts to turn down their endorsement!

    Of course not because after that almost all cowarded like sheep and voting for prevailing wage!

    The board majority of the board is spineless, doesn’t stand up for principles!

    Instead the majority just want to collect a pay check!

    And for all you County Board Members that read this you have done nothing but sit on your hands and let Jack Franks take over the County!

    Some of you may win but really you have done nothing for the taxpayers.

    Taxpayers that don’t pay attention need people to stand up for them.

    Good luck the select Minority!

  8. As my father, who was a Teamster Union Steward and a Teamster organizer said: ” I wait to get the Union’s endorsements so I will know who to vote against”.

  9. This is the kiss of death endorsement for any Republican. McClellan should be on this list. She’s in the Union’s pants pockets!

  10. The union did not endorse judicial candidates in McHenry County, it seems.

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