No Wonder the FBI Doesn’t Do Much in McHenry County — 9 Comments

  1. FYI that’s backward corrupt. In McHenry co, you do it right, you get elected, then hire your family. After you hire your family members, you promote them, pay bonuses, start buying personal items and call it a clothing allowance, then buy gift cards, don’t forget here we pay computer specialists like Keith Seda to wipe computer systems. Yet, somehow this just scratches the surface on the McHenry County expertise.

  2. “Any corruption we have in McHenry County just pales to insignificance in the light of what goes on in Cook County.”

    This is probably true for the time being, but there is some real effort being made to catch up it appears.

  3. We are just learning, Fierabras. Give us a little time to get up to snuff.

  4. Wow. That was underhanded. Paul? You are becoming an embarrassment.

  5. You’d have to drink a lot of 40’s if you had to look at that all day/night.

    Make mine a double – it’s happy hour !

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