Dr.Tom Salvi Opening New Office in Algonquin

After leaving Centegra’s umbrella, Dr. Tom Salvi has relocated in Algonquin.

He is in the office complex just south of the north end of the Route 31 Western Bypass of Algonquin

Dr. Tom Salvi’s new medical office is next to that of Calfa for Insurance.

It cam be found at the northern most entrance from the old Route 31 that went through Downtown Algonquin and up the hill toward Crystal Lake.

Salvi’s office opens Saturday, but appointments can be made by calling his phone at 244-333-0928.


Dr.Tom Salvi Opening New Office in Algonquin — 4 Comments

  1. I see that he’s set up as a limited liability company.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the libel lawsuit that Gene Lowery has going against him.

  2. Billy Bob, how is that lawsuit proceeding? Have not heard anything about it for a long time.

  3. The last thing I remember reading is that Salvi was ordered to turn over any e-mails that he sent from Centegra’s server that referenced Lowery, and that some more court bs was scheduled for early this spring.

    Salvi probably should have worded his e-mails better, but $300k is a big ask for a bit of butt hurt that didn’t really harm Lowery.

    The whole thing sounds like a giant waste of resources – we should bring back dueling for cases like this.

  4. Billy Bob, Thank You. DeKalb County Sheriff Scott endorsed Zinke for Sheriff in McHenry County, he is a friends of Nygren’s from way back. I am sure Lowery had Sheriff Scott behind him for the job. If you google Al Salvi and read about what happened to him when he ran against Durbin, you will see Al ran into all kinds of problems, and was told if he did not run for Public Office, his problems would go away. Was Tom thinking about running for Public Office of any kind? Just a thought!

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