Gun Control Bills Pass Illinois House – Roll Calls

In the gun control debate in the Illinois House on Wednesday, only one local State Representative got quoted in the Chicago Tribune.

That was Steve Reick.

Here’s what the Tribune reported:

Rep. Steve Reick, R-Woodstock, argued that the rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution, including the right to bear arms, should apply to all people, regardless of age.

He said the restrictions amount to “age-limiting the Second Amendment.”

“I can’t support the seed from which all these bills stem,” Reick said.

Reick was talking about House Bill 1465, which raises the age at which one can buy so-called assault weapons from 18 to 21.

The House Roll Call is below:

Another bill voted upon was House Bill 1467, banning bumnp stocks.

The House Roll Call is below:

The third bill, House Bill 1468, imposed a 72-hour waiting period on the purchase of guns defined as assault rifles.

The Roll Call on HB 1468 is below:

The fourth bill provides for the state licensing of already Federally licensed gun shops.

Senate Bill 1657’s House Roll Call is beow:

The Senate Roll Call is below:


Gun Control Bills Pass Illinois House – Roll Calls — 12 Comments

  1. These people are all idiots.

    When are they going to raise the age to serve in the military?

    And why don’t they raise the age to drive a car?

    That is far more dangerous to everyone!

    The whole country has gone liberal snowflake mad.

  2. Cindy I am with you 100%…..I was going to start out with yes what she said…..

  3. You’ll remember that last year when that deranged DEMOCRAT supporter
    of Bernie “the Commie” Sanders attempted a mass assentation of the Republican
    Congressman who were playing softball in D.C., the DEMOCRATS
    remained silent for the most part about so called “assault weapons”.

    Why is that ?

  4. Because government failed at every level,
    you need to have your rights curtailed …
    by the very government that failed at every level.

  5. **He said the restrictions amount to “age-limiting the Second Amendment.”**

    LOL – does Steve think there should be no age limits on buying guys?

    Should a 10-year old be able to buy a gun on his or her own?

  6. The same people who can’t find a single way to cut spending and balance the budget of their bankrupt State, decide their real expertise lies in constitutional interpretation.

  7. With his usual ignorance, Reick continues to present his own flawed reasoning.

    And this was worth a quote in the Tribune?

    How embarrassing for all of us that he is our representative!

    I wonder from where he palagarized his quote.

    AlabamaShake, you got it right.

    He thinks everyone should be able to buy a gun no matter what their age.

    Maybe he’s representing a survey of 104 people as he did with his failed township bill.

  8. All semi-automatics should be banned. The action of a firearm should be manual: bolt, lever, etc.

  9. Prarie Burner – You are a fool to think that will do anything in this day and age; unless you are talking about the government only having manual, bolt or lever action. Maybe muskets? Maybe we need to start throwing rocks. Catapults anyone? I cannot even wrap my head around how stupid that comment is.

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