Candidates Offer Cake and Coffee Sunday at Huntley Park District Building

The Huntley Park District building.

A chance to meet candidates running on the Western side of McHenry County will be held Sunday, March 4th.

County Board candidates Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster are teaming up with Judicial candidate Demetri Tsilimingas and McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio for a gathering at the Huntley Park District building from 1:30 to 4:30.

They remind people that early voting starts next Monday, March 5th.


Candidates Offer Cake and Coffee Sunday at Huntley Park District Building — 13 Comments

  1. Ever notice driving past these Public Sector palaces, new, clean with modern electronic signage on the road and next door will be Private Business’s unkempt, in need of renovation with hand written signage in the windows?

  2. And the HPD will be offering commemorative traffic citations to
    all those in attendance who have a tail light/brake light out.
    Consider yourself forewarned.

  3. Only 3 candidates for Judge are recommended by the Bar Associations, Berg, Davis and Wilbrandt….all 3 are currently Judges in Woodstock and by all accounts are very qualified.

  4. Ya’all come and have a real old fashioned talk fest.

    It’ll be a RINO free zone.

  5. Also, the “bar poll” is skewed by two things.

    15 to 20 judges and ex judges who want to keep attorneys out, and the candidate’s friends who all black ball their opponents in the polls.

    The results are technically insufficient, but they serve the Chief Judge’s ends of keeping the people they selected as judges so he chooses to publish anyway.

    Nearly the perfect system, if everyone would just shut up.

  6. If I were Demetri I would sue to expose this sham.

    Lastly, Fred who said that the poll shows judges are qualified, is perhaps the funniest poster here, for reasons stated above.

    So let’s all be quiet and not tell anyone, ok?

  7. Meanwhile, who is monitoring McClellan’s access to all those early voting paper ballots cast at the County Building?

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