John Jung Draws Both McHenry County Board Salary and Pension

John Jung chairs the Human Resources Committee.

Long-time McHenry County Board member John Jung is being paid not only by the McHenry County Board, but but by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund for past service.

During the Fiscal Year ending in November, 2017, Jung’s compensation was $43,282.80.

That includes salary and other benefits, mainly for health insurance.

When asked in a Freedom of Information request about pension payments made to Jung, IMRF replied,

IMRF received a public information request from you on 2/15/2018.

You requested Member Information records, which you described as “I request information about McHenry County Board member John Jung’s contributions, work history and pension payments”

We have reviewed our files and have located records responsive to your request.

Mr. John P. Jung, Jr. participated in IMRF from 1/2/1995 to 11/30/2008 and from 12/1/2010 to 11/30/2016.

All of his service credit was earned as a member of the McHenry County board.

His monthly pension amounts for each year since he retired are listed below.

  • 2008: $439.43
  • 2009: $445.54
  • 2010: $458.87
  • 2016: $772.64
  • 2017: $791.83
  • 2018: $810.95

Jung was asked to comment, but did not reply to an email over a week ago.

In addition, the email said,

Member contribution and annual reportable wage information can be found in the attached document.

Please note that Mr. Jung originally retired in 2008, effective 12/1/2008, and then suspended his pension beginning 12/1/2010 when he re-enrolled in IMRF.

He retired again as of 12/1/2016.

Below is the spreadsheet which IMRF provided:


John Jung Draws Both McHenry County Board Salary and Pension — 14 Comments

  1. I really hope Rein wins the primary.

    If I lived in that district, I’d give serious consideration to voting for Democrats before I’d vote for either Jung or Melendy

  2. His mailer that I just got today says “I voted to eliminate County Board Pensions”
    Guess he didn’t count on the blog outing what he’s currently doing!

    He also included a quote from Liberal Progressive Brian Sager who’s turning Woodstock into a sh!thole. That’s a kiss of death endorsement!
    He is one of the weakest lapdogs for the Democrats.

  3. People need to go back to that county board meeting audio and listen to it. The rxact date escapes me – however – the few of us who were against pensions were blackballed for it.

    ….now back to work.

  4. Was Jung one of them? Because according to above comment, he’s collecting that pension Now!

  5. Who knew Jung has been on the Board since 1994. It is time to term limit him! Double dipping Government Workers and Politicians is one of the biggest problems in this State! Can anyone say get rid of these pensions for all people in Government!

  6. If anyone has it, please scan and email it to me or take a photo and email it to me or mail it to me at 275 Meridian St., Crystal Lake, IL 60014.

  7. Who knew Jung has been on the Board since 1994?

    He just sits there comatose and doesn’t say a thing!

    I take that back, the last time he spoke against anything unethical was when the current Clerk hired her husband, gave him a huge raise and when the board said no she did it by taking pay away from her staff.

    He said “Nobody’s talking about the gorilla in the room, that being McClellan’s husband!’

    Best and last thing Jung ever said.

    Why has he been silent ever since?

    Why did he allow Franks to hire 2 patronage hires?

  8. These Feral Hogs down here in Navarro County are extremely smart, hard to hunt and harder to trap.

    Have no idea how you’ll ever get your Illinois Public Sector Hog population under control.

  9. @Lani He went against his own board rules/ordinances when the HR committee voted a majority to put it on the agenda.

    He said no!

    That was the first sign he was in Jack Franks hip pocket!

  10. Has John Jung ever done anything in the public interest since he’s been on the County Board?

    Probably nothing, which is why Franks and Chairmen before him like to see Jung as Vice Chair, He can be sent to “spy” or be anywhere else where the Chair does not want visibility.

    Another example of “yes” man on county payroll.

    Next, watch for a pattern of P.R. for Mike Skala, a confirmed “yes” man, to generate a “job” for him for his years of loyal “Yesses”

    Much like the Springfield formula, where it will come at the expense of the taxpayers.

  11. Spoilt Onion Boy, Jung!

    I couldn’t figure out why he was always in tears.

    It was his sidejob as an onion lobbyist, he told me.

    But now the rat is makin’ me cry too, because he cuckolded me into helping pay his pension for not doing a damn thing except suck up to Jack Franks.

    Here is his family escutcheon (now I understand the RINOs!):

  12. @clockwatcher

    Mike Skala is being groomed for something!

    If anyone can pay attention he was put on one of Jack Franks Bank Board’s and then a made up feel good committee with the likes of County Board Chairs from Cook, Lake, Dugage, Kane, McHenry and one County Board Member from McHenry County Mike Skala!

    It is a made up Committee that will do nothing but looks good on a resume!

    Just like all the Ad Hoc Committees that have been made up that have never met!

  13. What a Putz!

    Does he honestly think he can put this on his campaign material and people won’t find out he’s a hypocrite?

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