Jack Franks Wanted to Have Cal Skinner Arrested

Jack Franks continues to smile at how he is able to manipulate the Northwest Herald.

We’re back to McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ paranoia.

He thinks he is important enough that someone would want to kill him.

[Cue canned laughter.]

He pretends that he was scared for his life (and his family’s) when a joke about killing varmints was posted as a comment on McHenry County Blog.

What Franks was really saying was that he, like every other politician, fears ridicule most of all.

And the article and comment were really good ridicule.

[See “Of Weasels, Chickens and County Government.“]

I remember laughing when the Northwest Herald reporter called for my reaction.

Franks’ report of fearing for his life was that ridiculous.

In any event, today the local tabloid published an article about the results of a Lakewood Police investigation in which I was not contacted by my local Department.

The article prompted Woodstock’s Susan Handelsman to send me the following email:

Back when alleged Franks ‘death threat’ appeared on mchenrycountyblog.com and Franks obtained police and proprietorial attention and protection, the following ‘death threat’ came to light.

I called the States attorney, I called County Police.

No follow-up was ever performed to my knowledge.

Now a year later the article appears in NWH that great public tax dollar resources were committed to follow up on Franks’ alleged death threat.

It appears to me that public tax money is spent in direct correlation to the political power of those who receive personal benefit from public tax dollars spending which they direct…

and inversely correlated to those who attempt to watchdog politics at their own personal expense receiving no public funding.

Would the NWH publish a reader Poll with the two alleged death threats side by side to determine which reads as more credible a threat?

The one which was investigated at public expense, or the one which was ignored.

There should be no conflict of interest that (longtime NWH reporter Kevin Craver) was on the Facebook group of one alleged death threat, as he now occupies a County position with benefits arranged in violation of County Code at the time the positions were created, aided by Peter Austin, the County Administrator, who is being spearheaded as the sole authority to ok personal spending reimbursements for County Chairman.

Here is email from 2017 which prompted me to contact law enforcement, with no response:

(I am Susan Handelsman)

There is a local Facebook group, ‘Cary-Grove politics’ which shows that Kevin Craver (NWH) is a member.

It is a closed group.

I have received information that the following was recently posted on that site:

Kill all the radicals”.

I am told the following names appear after that lead-in:

Andrew Gasser, Rachael Lawrence, Paul Serwatka, Philip Stephan, Richard Ritchie, Amy Fues Odom, Michael Rein, Scott Gessert, Kelly Liebmann, Steve Verr, Jan Riemann, Janet M. Szymkowiak, Erik John Sivertsen, Kevin Christopher McConville, Mark R. Jaeger, John Pletz, Donna Kurtz, Raphael J. Kamner, Scott Vetter, Barbara Gessert, Susan Handelsman, Diane Evertsen, and David Schenk

Maybe Kevin can do an expose?

= = = = =
All of the names on the “Kill the Radicals” list seem to have been candidates for public office in

  • Algonquin Township
  • Lakewood
  • Woodstock
  • McHenry Township
  • Greenwood Township
  • McHenry Grade School District 15
  • Crystal Lake High School District 155
  • Woodstock Unit School District 200
  • McHenry County College Board

Oh, yes, the name that the Lakewood Police came up with as having written the following is Schuster:

“I know a fellow who specializes in terminating weasels of all kinds. His prices are very reasonable. $5,000 each. If you need it to look like an accident[,] $10,000 each. Let me know on this blog…”

I did not check the accuracy of the quote.

If you want to do so, you can find it here

It is under the article, “Of Weasels, Chickens and County Government,” an parable by Diane Evertsen read by Kelly Liebmann to the McHenry County Board during public comment period.


Jack Franks Wanted to Have Cal Skinner Arrested — 48 Comments

  1. Victimhood is such a precious principle of the Marxist new world order agenda. Oh, oh, and he’s Jew! He’s such a victim! Shut up Jack. No one wants to hear your lies. (Well, except the lying NWH.)

  2. I agree that calling for Cal’s arrest is over the top. But, I do have to agree, that comments here really should be moderated better, with some accountability measures taken. I believe doing so would tremendously improve The credibility of this blog.

    Even if it’s just as the Northwest Herald has done with signing up through Facebook or something that puts a little bit of identity behind the comments made.

    There’s no disputing that there’s a large amount of unnecessary, wrongful, disparaging remarks and outright cowardice demonstrated in a vast amount of the comments made on this blog.

    Providing some accountability in those comments would only bring a new-found level of validity and credibility to this blog.

  3. Should that also apply to Facebook, where the ‘death threat” “kill all the radicals”, with a lost of said radicals, was posted?

    Do you have an opinion as to which, if either, constitute a death threat worthy of law enforcement followup?

  4. Ah, thought control through speech control eh, Federal Farmer ?
    How utterly Communistic of you. I’m quite sure Franks would agree
    with your totalitarian viewpoint/suggestion. MAGA !

  5. I’ve never threatened Franks.

    I always thought he would OD on his own farts.

  6. Threats get made here at political rivals, and still Cal makes this all about Cal.

  7. Not sure what Susan is blabbering about (never do)…but this sounds like a direct threat to me…

    “I know a fellow who specializes in terminating weasels of all kinds. His prices are very reasonable. $5,000 each. If you need it to look like an accident[,] $10,000 each. Let me know on this blog…”

  8. Threatening to kill someone is not a joke, whether the threat is from a feeble old person or an unthinking teen, or anyone in between. If you want a conversation with a cop, better that you go to a coffee-with-the-Chief event.

  9. It would be hard to be intimidated by the picture of that old woman in her sneakers in the NWH. The better point would be is she someone to represent the public on the county board. There’s got to be an unhealthy psych going on to think that, even in jest, a post like that would be warranted.

  10. Yes Honest Abe, that’s me, the communist!

    You actually do quite a bit of what I’m talking about, yourself!

    Slinging unsubstantiated mud, making inflammatory remarks, entirely unfounded accusations, and wrongfully disparaging people, under pseudonyms is very Noble, entirely American and definitely helps to effect good government.

    It’s Cal blog. He is free to have this blog viewed as a tabloid and not to be taken very seriously, just as the vast number of residents in MC do not.

    But, with a little bit of accountability in the comment section, The credibility could be greatly improved and the vast majority of Outsiders might actually view this as a somewhat credible news source.

    There was a time when I used this blog as a means to spread information in my community. Because of the comment section, I have had numerous residents specially tell me they place no value on the information provided due largely to the comment section.

    And, ironically, Honest Abe, I can say with first-hand knowledge that you are often among those that make the inflammatory comments based on entirely erroneous information.

  11. Susan is absolutely correct. While we have to “watch our speech” for fear that someone will cry and have anxiety attacks over a chalked up sidewalk, the real hysterical threats are blatant and in your face everywhere. There may be many snide remarks but I have seen no threats on this blog. Those that think otherwise should go hang out with those progressive Marxist snowflakes that can’t handle it if someone looks askance at them. Jack Franks may be many things, but I never figured him for such a crybaby as it turns out. BTW Warren is a liar. No one has threatened anyone politically or otherwise. (Unless you are so unnerved by hearing truth that it makes you cry – then you should go back to your Mommy’s basement.)

  12. That’s funny, Federal Farmer. Because I have had politicians and such tell me that they no longer come in here because of nitwits like you that post trolling crap until they no longer can get their words read. Accountability starts and ends with yourself. Why are you trying to put that on Cal? It’s not his place to wrangle the playpen. Real men are accountable on their own. You make me sick too, with your whining.

  13. Hey Everybody, Please submit any entry you want on this blog to Federal Farmer, aka The Craver, Frank’s Stooge. He will then approve any blog posting, using the test: Will Jack-off Franks be offended.

    If so, the the entry will be double-erased. If not, the entry might be posted, subject to later double-erasure. Beware! The posting applicant will be subject to Shin Bet (Israeli Police) interrogation (torture)and possibly ‘eliminated’ depending on the degree of offense Jack decrees.

  14. Didn’t the Weasel himself post the ‘Kill the Radicals’ death threat?

    Why is Franks crying because he’s Jewish he’s entitled to police protection.

  15. Sunshine blogger, like the fine journalist you are, it is time to get to the bottom of this and publish a piece on our sunshine blog contributor Klaatu Barada Nikto to dispel all rumors and misunderstandings about this nothing burger. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  16. Our sunshine blogger arrested? Gimme a break! Our judicial system lacks the capability and resources to process that much charlatanry. We need him here, enlightening us with fine journalism and political insight. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, meow, meow…

  17. I love that he biggest part of the Herald article was overlooked. AT&T were able to trace the post back to Ed and Ersel. Digital trails don’t lie. They did it. Klaatu was a Schuster and diminishing his threat, especially these days of rampant gun violence in cities, schools and communities, should not be taken lightly.

    This blog is the ID of the McHenry county fringe and if heir comments reflect their motives, voters should head to the polls and make it known who they support. Thankfully, Stupid Cindy won’t be going because she doesn’t vote. One less idiot to worry about.

  18. Watch out everybody, Federal Farmer has been “triggered” !
    Do farmers have safe spaces they can go to ?

    I LOVE the 1st. Amendment – MAGA !

  19. Spotlight? You may deem me many things in your off-kilter world, but stupid is not one of them. That moniker belongs to you! If you find you are so overly-concerned with worry over idiots, you might like to look in a mirror. One is hiding there. It looks very much like Moderate. (Who also stubbornly refused to live her life by using all her time trying desperately to figure out who everyone was.) Sad.

  20. The comment section of this blog is where the fun and texture reside.

    If someone can’t figure that out, then sign off this blog.

    That said, the threat that the police checked out, and is now out in the open, was in reality a serious thing, and needed to be investigated, and it was.

  21. Paul Revere, are you stating that by contrast the “Kill all the Radicals” with the list of names of authors’ named radicals was NOT a serious thing, need NOT have been investigated? (It wasn’t)

    Will you please explain why one constitutes a threat in your mind and the other does not?

  22. Not-so-honest abe – you continue to cry about Franks and how one man imposes his will upon all the rest of you.

    Your adolescence here demonstrates exactly why this one man is able to dominate and impose his will upon you.

    You think and speak like poorly parented children.

    Continue on in your remedial and fruitless “I know you are but what am I” banter and your efforts will remain as fruitless as they have been…

    In the meantime, I will have much more meaningful and fruitful discussion with my 7 year old, while the lot of you continue to be outwitted and out maneuvered by an entirely more intellectual County Board Chairman.

    Why not just stop your insanity and stick to your “Chutes and Ladders” and leave the Chess to the intellectually mature/superior.

  23. Some cheese with that whine Farmer ?

    Is “Chutes And Ladders” and “Not So Honest Abe” insults the best you can your intellectually mature / superior

    mind can muster ? LMAO !

  24. That should be investigated as well Susan.

    It should work the same on both sides.

    The question is why hasn’t it been investigated?

  25. Charles Kraft is a fine gentleman and great American. He is making a difference in our community working with the youth and progressive causes; too smart to waste his time responding to reactionary compassionate conservative sunshine commenters in this sunshine blog. Go Charles! Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow…

  26. Making a difference by making assinine threats of mass murder on FB? Yeah that’s who I’d want influencing our youth… I suppose if terrorist groups like BlackLivesMatter and AntiFa need a new leader, he’d be their guy. Maybe the latest school shooters hero is Charles Kraft? Would make sense.

  27. The states attorney said there was NO Threat.

    Anyone with a brain did not even perceive a threat to anyone.

    Disgusting politics, Mr. Franks.

  28. The idea of accountability in a “comment section” sounds is a pipe dream, it typically kills the site when taken to extremes – Forcing people to share their identity for example.

    However, a platform like Discus is always welcome —– more intuitive, not Facebook, and the ability to report comments.

  29. As the second name listed on the legitimate “Kill all the radicals!” post on Facebook, I can tell you that I first read that post home alone with my three children.

    Not only was the author unknown to me at the time, so was his mental state.

    I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t genuinely fear for my safety and that of my family.

    I was one of multiple people truly frightened by that post enough to report it to law enforcement, as well as demand video be added to my home security system.

    Notice I didn’t run to the newspapers like one attention-seeking politician who shall not be named.

    Neither they, nor law enforcement did anything, except leave him (the author) a voicemail message, which he strangely enough videotaped and then posted as a comment under that post, requesting that he “change the first sentence of his post.”

    He edited the post to say “KISS ALL THE RADICALS! Kill them with kindness,” then commented further expressing that he did not intend to frighten anyone, completely brushing off the genuine fear that he caused as if it were comical that anyone might find it threatening.

    Although that author made several valid points in his diatribe, all those were lost in the call for violence and the blatantly false accusations within.

    I’ve since learned that the author has done and is doing many good things for the community, despite the misinformed and violent post, and I no longer perceive him as a violent threat (at this time).

    I think there are two lessons to be learned here:

    1) If you’re a NWH darling, your life is more important than a low level political candidate of the Republican variety, and

    2) Facebook, social media, and blogs are an excellent way to dehumanize both yourself and others, be misinterpreted, and cause further division among well-meaning human beings who really have more in common than your local “activists” would have you believe.

  30. Franks plays the professional victim mentality while the county laughs.

  31. Ken? You must be an idiot to recommend a terrible spy platform like Disqus. You also must be one of those lily-livered progressives that are begging for the government to save you. God help us all.

  32. Start Boycotting the NWH’s advertisers.

    Why isn’t Gary Lang the scene of boycott protesters demanding he stop advertising in the rag?1

  33. Now look, I don’t wanna scare our precious little jack-a-napes.

    He’s been wearin’ adult diapers for the past year because of these terrible, terrible threats.

    But in a more politically astute era in America, this is what woulda happened to the creep:


  34. Cindy – spy platforms? This is the internet – everything can be traced.

    There is no hiding.

  35. Actually, it’s pretty easy to hide if you know what you are doing and you don’t get careless.

  36. Ken, you fool. I am not talking about your local hackers. I am talking about deep state spying. No one is advocating hiding. I am advocating for NOT giving up your info for free to the very people that will use it against you and stomp on your face forever after. Alphabet agencies are NOT your friends. Disqus, in particular, is using your information and selling it or storing it for even more nefarious reasons. Did you know that? Why would you voluntarily give up something that belongs to you alone? Why would you want to go to evil? We have enough evil, why help it?

  37. Hell, Cal should be arrested and jailed for all the pension stealing he continues to engage in each year.

  38. Billy Bob – agreed. But at the same time – If someone who has money, or is the government wants to find out who’s behind something on the internet – They can and will find that person(s). Even people using the dark web can be found with enough resources.

    Cindy. Comcast/AT&T – your internet provider already does the same things. Do you have a television that’s 5 years old or newer? It’s probably “listening” to all of your chatter near it. Even worse – have you looked at the clearances apps ask for before you install them. The most benign of them often ask for permission to your pictures, messages, and microphone. I’d love to talk Facebook, it is its own branch of modern evil(we all know that though, right?). There’s no escaping your information being pooled, and used for profit – it’s a big part of our future sadly(side note, people in China embrace this). I don’t like it either, but I can’t see Big Brother coming after me, or someone blackmailing me because of my interests, opinions and other legal things.

    You use a lot of name-calling here, and I’m not only referring to you calling me an idiot. It’s OK to have opposing viewpoints. What I’m trying to get across is that it’s practically impossible to be anonymous on the net, and using Discus isn’t going to shake what’s already known about you to the Government/BigBusiness.
    Question. Credit card companies, how do they use, and who are they selling individuals data to?(iceberg tip!)

    Discus is owned by Zeta Interactive Corp. – in short, a privately held marketing firm.

  39. Ken, you fool. First off I do NOT name call. Recognizing idiocy is NOT name calling. I point out stupidity, but that is redundant. I don’t HAVE a teevee! I don’t even have a phone! I don’t know what apps are; and I surely would not install them even if I knew what they were. I don’t carry credit cards. Get out of the house. Go walk in the garden. It’s later than you think.

  40. @Ken

    There have been a few tor users who have been burned, but in every case I am aware of, they did something careless to reveal themselves.

    Tor properly utilized, combined with an old mobile device and somebody else’s unsecured WiFi is pretty close to bulletproof.

    The tails live operating system on a usb stick and an old laptop would be my weapons of choice if I felt a need to be a double naught spy.

  41. Hey Ken, ya doofus. I don’t know how you can possibly state that given that you cannot even spell the name of the company; but nevertheless, if that is true, then your wonderful company is in actuality AI. Zeta is based in Silicon Valley, Boston, London, and Hyderabad, India. Zeta is global and demonically attached. Hmm. What could go wrong here?

  42. You’re not very nice Cindy. And you’re lousy at this. I tried to talk – You just keep yelling.

  43. That’s funny, Ken. I was just starting to lean toward liking you. You almost sounded like someone that could possibly begin to think critically. My last post WAS mean-spirited. I do apologize. I still stand by what I said about demons, though. (Look again, I didn’t yell. I don’t do that.)

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