Pop-Up Committee Reminiscent of Committee that Attacked Steve Reick Mails

Something called the “Illinois Integrity Fund” from 2815 Forbs Avenue in Hoffman Estates, 60192, seems to be the dark money source for those opposing Jack Franks’ push toward total control of McHenry County government.

The Illinois Integrity Fund lacks the integrity to file with the Illinois State Board of Elections and cannot be found in a Google search.

Looks a lot like the “Government for the People” Political Action Committee, unheard of before it starting sending out mailings attacking Steve Reick when Jack Franks’ minion Jeff Lichte ran in the 2016 Republican Primary Election.

When I searched for entity on the Illinois State Board of Elections, no filing had been made.

Nothing  comes when the committee’s name is typed in Google either.

So far it has made two mailings that have come to my attention.

There is a hit piece against McHenry County Clerk candidate Joe Tirio and District 6 County Board candidates.

Here’s the one calling Tirio a crook:

Here is the one aimed at the candidacies of Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster:

Clearly someone with a lot of money (want to guess who?) doesn’t want conservatives in office.

Here’s one of the hit pieces in the Democrats’ attempt to take down Steve Reick’s candidacy.


Pop-Up Committee Reminiscent of Committee that Attacked Steve Reick Mails — 48 Comments

  1. If Joe becomes County Clerk, will he have the power to throw a wrench in the shenanigans that Jack sometimes pulls with setting the agenda for the meetings?

  2. Got my first ‘heads up’ on this while we were out replacing stolen signs and repairing damaged ones.

    After I stopped laughing so hard the tears were running out of my eyes I just couldn’t stop whistling ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’.

  3. Jack wants a special counsel for the “Weaselgate” investigation.

    Maybe he can hire Kim Zinke to be a special investigator.

  4. I don’t think so. The Chairman sets the agenda.

    Only a majority of the County Board can change it.

  5. Rats….Well, at least Mr Tirio can change the electronic voting screen that Jack sees so that he doesn’t get a heads up on how the vote is going.

  6. being involved in marketing printing and direct mail all my life I spot this as a collaborated smear campaign effort when you combine it with the front page picture and the page 3 article in the Northwest Herald……..

    perfectly planed and executed….

  7. I was thinking the same thing, Bill.

    It sounds like the people putting out the mailer got a heads up about what was coming out in the NW Herald today.

    The ‘advocates violence’ line on the mailer seems like too much of a coincidence.

  8. I fully expect more to come.

    Anyone think this line came from within the GOP? “Their thinking is out of touch and no longer welcome within the GOP.

    If so, Houston, I have a problem!

  9. Who or what is at 2815 Forbs Ave, Hoffman Estates, CROOK COUNTY?? Probably a Democratic friend of Franks. The mailings are an outrageous attempt to discredit Brettman and Schuster.

  10. here I wrote this 6 years ago


    Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 11:54 PM

    Being raised in Uptown Chicago and living a major portion of my life in Cook County plus the fact that even when living here in Harvard IL I worked though out Cook County, Until retirement.

    I worked both the Republican precincts and also for the Democratic Party.

    I am somewhat aware of how the “*Machine works,”

    The Machine has many tentacles, they are far reaching and never stop searching for new frontiers to exploit.

    Be advised, the Cook County Machine is here , trying to get a stranglehold on McHenry County they start small, a little here this year, a little there next year and so on, So who really runs the Cook County Machine?




    my money is on Madigan, he has seen them come and seen them go, he is still here.

    and he has an agenda

    What this Agenda is, I don’t know, but it’s there and it’s reaching in this direction.

    Jack Franks now has an association with Mike Madigan,

    Franks wants a County Executive,

    look at the underhanded trick used with the “Republicans for Lower taxes sign”..

    How bad do they want one of their people on our Board, or In our county. what is up with that……….

    Huuum Franks had a list with 12 names on it ,he presented to Blaggovitch

    jobs for friends and Family..

    he was rejected?,

    one of the names on that list was Bill Clow. currently working for the Harvard School district,

    a few years ago he was hired to a newly created position,……….. Hummm.

    Franks also backed Ryan Hauser for the County Board……………..


    Bill Matteson

  11. There is an office building at 2815 Forbs and there is a Regis office center located there.

    Numerous companies list it as their address along with suite 107.

    We should collect all of the flyers, calculate the cost and lodge a complaint with the State Election Board for breaking required election filing laws.

    Brettman, Schuster and Tirio must have the establishment (both the Dems and Rinos) in a complete panic with such a desperate measure!

  12. Have been advised that the Smith mailer arrived in households today along with the Tirio / Brettman / Schuster hit piece.

    Anyone surprised?

  13. Has anyone else noticed the union label below the return address on both of those pieces?

    Let’s all sing it loud and clear. . . “Look for the union label, when you seeking a DemoRAT”

    Jack cries and has the lapdog Northworst Herald run their big piece on an “investigation” that died on the vine 8 months ago.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along, but suddenly, just before the primary it’s front page news.

    Jack is quoted as saying he’s not sure why he was being “threatened” but said it could be because “[he’s} a Jew, an asshole or a Democrat”

    I sincerely hope that he is correct on only two of the three.

    I would hate to think (wishful thinking) that somebody would stoop that low because of his faith.

    As for the other two counts?

    I think he’s spot on.

    He’s undeniably both of those.

    Oops, he forgot liar as well.

  14. LOL! Tirio hires crony’s out of his political slush fund. Don’t know if he did but is it even an offense so long as he declares the personal use of the money to the authorities and IRS?

    Jacko on the other hand hires his hacks and has US, the taxpayers, pay for them.


  15. Hahahah “Tax Raisers!!”

    Yeah right!

    These mailers have the desperation of LyingJackFranks written all over them.

    Of course, Franks doesn’t want Schuster and Brettman on the board questioning him or telling him to start following the board rules!

    Neither Schuster or Brettman can be bullied by McHenry county’s political playground’s Fat F*ck.

    Good thing is he just helped NWHerald prove their bias by their reporting on Non-news drivel, timed to run with the delivery of these mailers, which are very weak btw.

    The one on Tirio is laughable.

    The strategy here is to take everyone’s favorite altar boy, then make outrageous claims that are easy to prove wrong so the same accusations against Franks will be written off as BS.


    This is a Predictable Bonehead Commie Saul Alinsky move.

    Franks can’t run on his record, neither can any of the Opponents of these three candidates that are the subject of these weak hit piece mailers.

  16. Casey mentions a newspaper.

    Who is in charge at that newspaper? The top guy, the owner promised better, more honest stories about one year ago to we subscribers in regards to the stories/accounts they published. But, I have not seen this at the national level. The Herald continues to use biased left wing news media sources’ stories and reports in their newspaper. Very, very disappointed. It appears to me that the Herald physical newspaper gets skinnier and skinnier as each month passes. When you look at the classified ads, not much there. The sports section has a good amount that should logically be covered by high school media. Where is this newspaper going?

  17. My support for Klaatu Barada Nikto remains intact. Stay tuned…tic, tock, meow, meow, tic, tock…

  18. Sunshine blogger, could I write you in for something? What about McHenry county cat catcher? Clever, ah? Stay tuned…meow, meow, tic, tock…

  19. Weird. Put up a comment about 15 minutes ago, was accepted, and then I look later and it is gone. Have the Russians and Democrats infiltrated this blog I ask Cal Skinner?

  20. We need new blood in McHenry county politics. The Legion of Justice continues to be underrepresented in the county board…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. The Marxists are here…watch out…funny how some pathetic losers can’t stop reading themselves…stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  22. We need for the blog host to get rid of pests. Blog host, do your duty. Call in a pest control service and clean your website of pest(s).

  23. So I come back at 9:40 PM and a number of comments are gone. What gives there Cal Skinner? Will you delete this message? What is the problem?

  24. Came back at 9:57 PM and a number of comments after 8:14 PM gone. Are the Russians, Hillary and the bureau compromising this blog?

  25. @bred winner

    But heavens to Betsy, not weasels. Never weasels at any price. ;)\\

  26. Vote for Ersel and Orville.

    NO to Franks and his Madigan style politics!

    The state’s attorney said NO threat, yet a piece goes out just before voting by Franks.

  27. For the record:

    – I don’t have a slush fund.

    – I haven’t hired four cronies (I haven’t even hired four regular people!)

    – While I haven’t had a vacation in New Mexico, I did attend a conference there. I did everything I could think of to save costs related to the trip, including taking such a cheap flight that I was in airplanes and in airports for about 13 hours.

    – I don’t own a mask, but if I did, I’d have a sweet mask like that Riddler one in the picture. #AdamWestIsTheRealBatman

  28. Nothing more convincing than “for the record” statements and candidates laughing so hard that tears run down their eyes. My super hero “iwonthireelzorro” for County Clerk, and the legion of Justice to our county board; honest inside outsiders…meow, meow, tic, tock…

  29. I hope Tirio will file defamation suit against those responsible for the mailer falsely impugning his character. Even as a political candidate, this meets the standard required.

    All that remains to be proven is that those behind the mailer knew the published information to be false.

    That will all come out in discovery when the writers and backers inpdentities are revealed.

  30. I have met Joe a few times now and I do believe he IS a straight shooter!

    The Riddler comment only confirms my belief that this is a man who is real and down to earth.

    I have not seen a single slam campaign against his opponent.

    I feel he does not want to play the dirty politician game of lies and deception.

    I like that!

    Joe has my vote!

  31. bred? Stop begging for free speech to be silenced. You are going off message when you join with the new world order like that. The rest of this piece is about liars and if you people do not learn to tell what is evil and who are the liars you will not survive what is coming. Brettman, Schuster and Tirio are the good guys. If you don’t already know that, you are lost. Turn off your teevee. Get out of social media. Get back to God and stop listening to the devil.

  32. Not to worry, Joe. You got my vote. I was just trying to emphasize how ludicrous the hit piece was considering all that Fatso Jacko has done.

    You go, Joe!

    P.S. @samthruth. . . besides his integrity, there is another reason you’ve not seen any hit pieces on his opponent: She’s pretty well self-destructed by virtue of her own actions. She’ll bet on it!

  33. Not to worry, Joe. You got my vote. I was just trying to emphasize how ludicrous the hit piece was considering all that Fatso Jacko has done.

    You go, Joe!

    P.S. @samthruth. . . besides his integrity, there is another reason you’ve not seen any hit pieces on his opponent: She’s pretty well self-destructed by virtue of her own actions. She’ll bet on it! 😉

  34. Bred, I had the same thing happen to my comments a couple of times. It turns out that sometimes the system just seems to hiccup.

  35. Orv Brettman – was singlehandedly responsible for saving the Fox Valley watersystem from being polluted by crooked sell-out politicians.

    Was temporarily incarcerated in Fed Prison for the cause.

    Found innocent on all charges.

    Deemed local, county, state hero for standing up for what was right at his own personal peril.


    Pro-life, Founder of Charitable foundation- Give Love for Life.

    Tough but fair, Great role model.

    Ersel Schuster- Effective leader and former county board member, Policy driven, Pro-life, (though I do not always agree with her endorsements, She is always respectful and listens to concerned citizens and I respect her)

    Follows the rules, softly persuasive, is not intimidated by fellow politicians not following the rules and speaks up. Ethical, accountabil, transparent, and thorough!

    Effective on the County Board.

    Not always had an easy life, never took the easy way out.

    Old School, tough, never ran away from responsibilities.

    Also tough beyond her appearance, Fair, Great role model for women and Trustees in general.

    Joe Tirio: Intelligent. (Uses intelligence for good)

    A force for improvement, accountability, is taxpayer focused.

    Endorsed by TaxpayersUnited, Right to Life, Veterans.

    Is Founder of Voters In Action: citizen activist organization responsible for saving several millions of dollars from being frivolously spent by county/municipal and school boards.

    Retired Exec from AT&T-high FEMA security clearance/Core member of merger team of one of the largest mergers in US History.

    In retirement, he Built an award winning business catering to Senior/ Veterans.

    As County Recorder, Concentrated on eliminating Nepotism/Patronage hiring, abolishing current elected position by merging Recorder back into Clerks office.

    Kept his political promises.


    Great role model.

    Mailers: From what I can see, are produced by those who cannot run on their own record, or the Truth, are Anonymous, Weak, Dishonest, cowardice, spent a lot of money to discredit the people who have gone above and beyond.

    Take Aways:

    Brettman has a great sense of humor, is unwavering, and strong.

    Schuster is stoic, steadfast, professional even thru adversity,

    Tirio is approachable, easily vindicated, and is still beyond reproach.

  36. One thing I think worthy of further conversation on that Tirio mailer…

    Look at the size of those hands!

  37. I’m voting for all three – because I know what the mailers say is bull.

    Talk about lying Democrat Spin.

    Reminds me of the saying: “Don’t Get Mad, Get Revered!” and these three are!

  38. Dear Nob Sent me.

    You said somebody was “FOUND INNOCENT” of charges.

    What country did that happen in?

    Because here in America NO ONE is FOUND INNOCENT, a defendant is found not guilty or guilty.

    Not guilty does not mean innocent.

    It detracts from your argument when you use incorrect language.

    It makes it look like you are a shill for the defendant.

    It makes you sound shrill.

    Lastly, it makes the Defendant sound more guilty than they might be.

    Just trying to help

  39. Now I will campaign for Brettmann and Schuster and Tirio Big time.

    Finally people worth voting for!

  40. just got a robo-call associating Orville with Nazis and Ersel of threatening to murder Jack Franks.

    We’re just figuring this out as voting begins?

    DNC tactics on the local level.

    Has anyone heard whether they’ve been colluding with the Russians?

  41. Just voted for Joe Tirio. Loved what the Trib said. “kept his promises, rare in politics’.

    All 3 hit pieces are so ridiculous. Smart people will connect them to the Democrat sleeze tactics.

  42. This has Franks and Crook County written all over it.

    DNC Tactics and point at the opposition and accuse them of what YOU”RE DOING.

    These people are obviously beyond reproach and can’t be corruptible!

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