New Republican Group Surfaces

A group calling itself The Committee for Sensible Republican Leadership is holding a fundraiser in Ringwood on Monday evening at The Rusty Nail Saloon.

It is billed as an opportunity to meet GOP candidates for Precinct Committeemen.

The cost is $35 and the event runs from 5:30 to 8.

$1,000 is the highest amount solicited.

The address of 935 Victoria Drive in Woodstock is given to receive checks.

The phone number mentioned in 815-790-5750.

The committee has not filed a report with the Illinois State Board of Elections.


New Republican Group Surfaces — 16 Comments

  1. It would appear that 935 Victoria is owned by Joleen Stanard but the voter registration for that name is 1524 Hillside Tr. which is also shown as the address for Michael Stanard.


  2. Sunshine blogger; in the name of journalism, you must make it there regardless of the elements…What’s in the menu?…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Actually the house at 1524 Hillside Tr. , Woodstock is vacant. I live near there. Can’t seem to sell it.

  4. The word “sensible” means they’re closeted Democrats so it would make sense if Stanard was in charge of it.

    Maybe in a few years once Democrats start winning more local elections, these fake Republicans will come out of the closet.

    It is no secret that people only run as Republicans in this county because they feel that is the only way to get elected.

  5. Re: “Actually the house at 1524 Hillside Tr. , Woodstock is vacant. I live near there. Can’t seem to sell it.”

    In other words Stanard moved?

  6. I’ll bet its the township trough hogs who quit republican party ran as independents now want to be republicans again too bad snow coming there minions won’t be there they should be out plowing

  7. This is Jim Condon’s and Mary Mahady’s fake Republican group.

    All township employees must attend!

    And buy tickets.

    So Crook County!

  8. There are 19 of them running out of 35 precincts.

    We removed 4 from the ballot earlier.

    Registered democrats…literally.

    You can change parties by simply announcing your Canadacy as an “R”.

    They have signs out.

    have not enough money to counter.

    Call me if you can help.

  9. Liberals like those “1984” ‘ministry of truth’ speak words. Just look at the screennames the liberals choose for commenting. An American is absolutely right. Sensible is their code word for insane.

  10. Steve Rooney – who’s they?

    You shut “them” out of the private club.

    People wanted to run as a Republicans and yet, you and the weighted caucus didn’t ask them if “they” were “worthy”.

    Now, you are asking for money?

    Call me 867-5309….

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