Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund

A commenter picked out a printing union buy under the return address of the so-called Illinois Integrity Fund.

That’s the name selected by those backing McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ agenda.

The agenda?

Get rid of all elected Republicans who criticize Jack Franks.

The union bug is right under the Hoffman Estates addres:

Here is the return address of the pop-up PAC calling itself the Illinois Integrity Fund. No name is attached.

If anyone is in the Hoffman Estates area near Route 72, see if you can find anyone willing to admit to taking part.

Map showing 2815 Forbs Ave in Hoffman Estates.  It’s north of Route 72, Higgins Road.


Illinois Integrity (sic) Fund — 5 Comments

  1. There are a lot of businesses listed at that address including one of those Regus office space places.

    They rent temporary offices to travelling businessmen, and one of the services they offer is an address to receive mail.

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the people who produced the mailings were using that service for a mailing address.

    I did notice “Presorted U.S. Postage Paid Breaker Press” in the postage area of the mailings, and there is a Breaker Press in Chicago.

    It would probably take a subpoena to Breaker Press to find out who paid for the mailings, but ‘Integrity Fund’ might have been sneaky and paid with cryptocurrency, or a money order, or even cash.

  2. I just got (today march5’18) an attack on Ersel Schuster and Orville Brettman.

    If these two did what the flyer said they’d be under indictment.

    This blatant outright libel.

    The reason they, Integrity Fund et al, print this stuff is because people like Schuster and Brettman are a threat to them.

    They are not a threat to honest hardworking folks in McHenry Co.

    Sleaze and hidden agenda’s will always resort to the crudest and most despicable methods to discredit opponents.

    Ask yourself this question: who stands to gain the most when good people are smeared and attacked this way?

    The man who wants to be the Mike Madigan of McHenry Co. gains if these two don’t get elected, the people of McHenry county lose.

  3. While I would never vote for Schuster, not knowing who Illinois integrity fund is shows me they do not want anyone to know who they are or what their affiliations are. What cowards.

  4. Democrat Franks style hit piece on those he know will oppose him.

    Gotta go, almost time for Jeopardy.

    “Who is Gretchen Eck?”

  5. We should all ignore propaganda pieces that have no phone number (or at least a website).

    Don’t insult us.

    We are McHenry County voters!

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