Jack Franks’ Witch Hunt Emblazoned on Tabloid’s Front Pages

Look what a Friend of McHenry County Blog has from last April.

It’s the front page of the Northwest Herald the weekend he claimed his life had been threatened by satire in a comment on McHenry County Blog next to Saturday’s front page.

Putting them side by side and reading the headlines pretty much tells the entire story.

It seems to me the last year’s headline would have been more accurate if there had been quote marks around the word, “Threatened,” along with a question mark.

In the first, Jack Franks was in “poor me” mode.

Now he is oh so disappointed that I didn’t get arrested as he wished.

All because of a satirical comment under this article.

And, if you missed it over the weekend, this article about Jack Franks wanting to have me arrested last year might interest you.


Jack Franks’ Witch Hunt Emblazoned on Tabloid’s Front Pages — 15 Comments

  1. “His tactics were those of fear and intimidation: he and his group organized strikes, demonstrations, and employed the use of violence against dissenters. …

    But Kun’s blood-stained career was not over. He was briefly interned in Vienna, but later released as part of a prisoner exchange; thereafter, he found his way back to Russia, where he could find additional opportunities to commit violence and atrocities against innocents.

    Kun participated in Russia’s civil war in the 1920s, and according to historians was directly responsible for the execution of about 50,000 White Russian prisoners and civilians (with the approval of Lenin). These were people who had been promised amnesty if they would surrender.

    Kun later took charge of the Crimea, and there he undertook a vigorous program of murder, torture, and mass deportations. It is estimated that he supervised the execution of 60,000 to 70,000 Crimean inhabitants.


  2. Béla Kun✡☭ (February 20, 1886 – August 29, 1938(?)), born Cohn Béla, was a communist Jew, mass murderer and terrorist active in Hungary. He is best known as the Bolshevik subversive who led the so-called Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 and for his genocidal campaign against the gentiles in the Crimea with Rozaliia Zemliachka.


  3. I’m curious, what are these “strikes, demonstrations and violence” that Franks perpetrates?

    Swordfish getting back to his roots of antisemitism and bigotry.

  4. Some people confuse historical reality with racism.

    We call those people … uneducated.

  5. Oh hi lil’ Jackie Franks. Someone tug on one of your pigtails? Got your panties in a twist? G-d, I feel sorry for your wife!

  6. Now he’s playing the “But I’m a Jew.” card. This guy is an embarrassment to all of Illinois. I warned you all that he had an agenda; and now that you are seeing it partially unwind, you are no more savvy than before. In this day, the “let’s play the victim” scheme is the TOTAL property of the progressive left. Do you really think you are going to get anything good from this horrible mistake of letting him chair anything? The sycophants surrounding him are equally disgusting. And the stupid? There is just no getting through to them. While we have idiots like spotlight running around loose, we are ALL in great danger.

  7. Pigtails? He sporting more of a Rosie O’Donnel mullet, I’d say. Probably has her on speed dial so they can trash Trump a la party-line 80’s style!

  8. The pigtails remark was an anti Semitic jab referencing the uncut locks Orthodox Jewish men wear.

  9. No it meant he acts like a little girl. Thus the reference to ‘panty’ . But keep digging. At least it keeps you busy and off the streets.

  10. I remember a supervisor of mine getting caught playing grab ass with certain individuals.

    When it started to look bad for him he played the “everyone is homophobic” card and he was the victim.

    What finally cooked his goose was a video of him slashing his own tires.

    This game gets played every day.

  11. CP with the dramatics that go on with him up in the box during meetings, I can totally see that happening. He’d have his boy, Kevin Craver do it, or a union goon. Jack doesn’t do anything physical.. Even hired someone to do his job, and another to record him looking thoughtful, striking a pose like he’s fighting for the people etc etc. It’s really quite comical (and totally demeaning to his boy wonder, Craver)

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