John Jung and Lesli Melendy Team Up in District 5 County Board Race to Defeat Michael Rein

Incumbent John Jung and challenger Lesli Melendy have teamed up to know incumbent Michael Rein off the McHenry County Board.

Rein is the only one in District 5–whether Democrat or Republican–who challenges McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks (D-Marengo).

On John Jung’s side of the mailing, he brags of having cut taxes by 11%. What he does not say is that he voted to raise taxes 4%. Those were the taxes people paid this past spring.

Lesli Melendy gets the back side of the mailing.


John Jung and Lesli Melendy Team Up in District 5 County Board Race to Defeat Michael Rein — 14 Comments

  1. Voting for Rein only.

    Wish there was another Republican on the ballot.

  2. Indeed.

    Wish I could vote for Rein too but I’m sure many people will.

    He is the only Conservative in that race in Dist 5

  3. And there you have it Fiscal Conservative John Jung voted to Eliminate pensions then went and signed up and started taking his with county salaries and benefits!

  4. Illinois has “open” primaries.

    You do not have to a Republican to run as one.

    Both candidates on the flyer are clear proof of that.

  5. I like Rein.

    I despise Melendy.

    I fear that Rein’s lackluster campaign will lose his seat for him.

    Rep party needs to go to campaign school if they wish to stay relevant.

  6. The politicians need to be kept nervous.

    Staying home does not make them nervous.

  7. Both endorsed by Brian Sager.

    Another reason to not support them.

  8. John Jung changed his last name to Bung yesterday at the Lake Co. Courthouse.

    I wonder why?

    B U N G



    1.) Broken down, ruined, or useless. (Aust. & NZ)

    2.) Cognitively dead. (Scot.)

    3.) County Board member who takes up space (US Midwest and Southwest)

    4.) Pathetic public official, usually local (Can.)

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