Local Pro-Lifers Offer Endorsements

The McHenry County Pro-Life Victory Fund has issued its endorsements to its Pro-Life mailing list.

Getting the boost were the following:

  • Congressmen Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren
  • State Senate candidate Craig Wilcox
  • McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio
  • McHenry County Board members Chuck Wheeler, John Jung, Jr., Michael Rein, Ersel Schuster
  • Judicial candidates Tiffany Davis and Demetri Tsilimigras


Local Pro-Lifers Offer Endorsements — 8 Comments

  1. The McHenry County Moral Majority endorses a homewrecker. Fascinating.

  2. That’s a beautiful postcard. They forgot Brettman!

    He’s dedicated his whole adult life to pro-life issues and even founded the charity ‘Give Love for Life’!

    Someone’s asleep at the wheel there.

  3. A. the Pro-Lifers didn’t speak to every candidate.
    B. That was an adorable flyer with the baby pic and all.

  4. Everyone is “Pro Life. “ The proper label for these people is “Anti Abortion.” “Anti a woman’s right to choose” is too unwieldy.

  5. Who’s running that PAC?

    They really need to resign and turn it over to people who can runs things properly.

  6. What makes you say that, Justin?

    Other than they didn’t see fit to include Brettman who demonstrates Pro Life!

  7. Some one wackamole it in the head and wake it up. I can’t say it is a he/she.
    Your alive wachamole why is this so? Your Mother made the decision because she loved you and struggled to give you life.

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