Rachael Lawrence Comments on Death Threat Before Last Year’s Township Election

This comment is from Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence about the Facebook threat she and other running for office received last year:

As the second name listed on the legitimate “Kill all the radicals!” post on Facebook, I can tell you that I first read that post home alone with my three children.

Not only was the author unknown to me at the time, so was his mental state.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t genuinely fear for my safety and that of my family.

I was one of multiple people truly frightened by that post enough to report it to law enforcement, as well as demand video be added to my home security system.

Notice I didn’t run to the newspapers like one attention-seeking politician who shall not be named.

Neither they, nor law enforcement did anything, except leave him (the author) a voicemail message, which he strangely enough videotaped and then posted as a comment under that post, requesting that he “change the first sentence of his post.”

He edited the post to say “KISS ALL THE RADICALS! Kill them with kindness,” then commented further expressing that he did not intend to frighten anyone, completely brushing off the genuine fear that he caused as if it were comical that anyone might find it threatening.

Although that author made several valid points in his diatribe, all those were lost in the call for violence and the blatantly false accusations within.

I’ve since learned that the author has done and is doing many good things for the community, despite the misinformed and violent post, and I no longer perceive him as a violent threat (at this time).

I think there are two lessons to be learned here:

1) If you’re a NWH darling, your life is more important than a low level political candidate of the Republican variety, and

2) Facebook, social media, and blogs are an excellent way to dehumanize both yourself and others, be misinterpreted, and cause further division among well-meaning human beings who really have more in common than your local “activists” would have you believe.

Death threat from Cary-Grove Poliltics Facebook.


Rachael Lawrence Comments on Death Threat Before Last Year’s Township Election — 19 Comments

  1. Yes, I too am convinced every social media outlet, is revenge for my having pulled used jock straps over the heads as nose warmers, of nurds and geeks in my youth.

  2. My statement was in the context of a previous blog entry here on this page.

    Let me be clear: I do not seek sympathy, support or reaction.

    My only purpose was to contrast the genuine threat and accompanying distress with that of another so-called “threat” and the respective responses, or lack thereof.

    Until you have had an unknown stranger threaten your life on a list using the words “kill” on a public forum, you will never understand.

    This is an example of why good, honest people don’t run for local office, which is a shame.

    Our government is supposed to be run BY the people, for the people–not choreographed consummate politicians.

  3. Rachel, please know anyone espousing any liberal idea is foundationally weak and broken.

    Take every threat very very seriously but know every last self described “liberal” is too weak to even take a stated policy position, moral position or even has an idea what positions a “liberal” espouses so they’re highly unlikely to commit violence.

    The liberal is mentally weak, physically incapable and spiritually bankrupt so a strong woman like you scares them to death.

    These folks can’t motivate themselves to get beyond the “poopiehead” argument on this blog’s comment section so, while always being prepared, know they cannot begin to stand up to a Mama Bear defending her cubs.

    The most prolific “liberal”(they have shown zero acumen here for understanding what that means) commenter here shows, on a daily basis, just how nihilistic and idiotic these people will act.

    I pray this commenter continues here forever as a phenomenal reminder to the commenters here there are humans who really are that stupid who vote and we all need to get out to combat that idiocy.

    Your foolish social media idiot needs more research and time invested in an education but is a fine example of who The Citizen fights against.

    Those who are winning their arguments in public service earn these types.

    He’s a low level nothing and will never be anything.

    You are doing the right things and you have supporters who appreciate your service.

    We hope this experience doesn’t chase you from the public service life.

    Keep pressing for your constituents.

    We appreciate you.

  4. CHARLES KRAFT needs a visit from the authorities.

    That was a clearly stated-no mistaken threat on people’s lives as he named them and why he wanted them dead! !

    But Hell, Little 100 lb Rachael is tougher than panty-waist JACK FRANKS will ever be.

    She moved on to do the right things in office.

    Good for her and us!

    (a concept Franks get wrap his 80’s mullet around)

  5. I do not think D J meant that comment for you, Rachel. I believe He/She’s directing it toward the nurds, turds, and Liberal losers that feel powerful behind a computer keyboard with no date on a Saturday night!

  6. Another inspirational message from our very own McHenry county second coming of William F. Buckley Jr. I’m extremely grateful about being informed liberals are “physically incapable.” Go figure that one. Charles Kraft is a great American, community organizer, and entrepreneur; a fine McHenry county leader and gentleman. He needs no defense against attacks from sunshine commenters. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Your derangement syndrome proves you were taught in the public school system.

    Charles Kraft is an overgrown punk, much like you Llarvona.

    Kraft is broke and bitter now.

    He should be arrested after this threat.

    Lawyer says the statute of limitations is not up on this one. That’s the only reason he’s lying low on FB.

  8. Nob: I liked it so much I shared it on my public page earlier today.

  9. The racist LLavona foams hysterical on any issue that involves even a hint of Hispanic reference. He clearly has no ability to engage anyone of higher intellectual prowess or even anyone well-informed. His hatred for others is displayed daily in his copious and boring comments. He is the sterling example of what the public school/indoctrination system has become by passing off radical Marxists hate-filled losers as teachers. While the lovely MS. Lawrence displays grace and acumen the likes of which he will never know: she also possesses more testosterone than that thing will ever have.

  10. Dozens of mere gentiles, or as Jack calls them, ‘goys,’ get threatened by full name for death. No problemo!

    A fatcat jewish forever-victim, invoking 1930s Europe, cries a year later and fancies an obscure allegorical reference applies to his disgusting rotund self, and it’s the:


    Typical double standard. Sad and pathetic, but his minions swoon.

  11. I was a frontrunner on this list, as well. I can’t say I was ever concerned for my safety or ever took it as a serious threat.

    But, I’m not exactly the over-sensitive type.

  12. Kill all these people: ———-

    That’s a direct threat.

    Maybe you weren’t threatened because you’re not 100 lb lady, or because you are armed or have a sophisticated security system.

    If you didn’t find that threatening you’re playing fast and loose with your household member’s lives as well as your own.

    A lot of people and the police should have taken this seriously.

    This wasn’t a metaphor starring Aesop’s fable characters or a humorous question posed.

    It was a blatant statement.

    The guy needs to be arrested and get mental help.

    Sounds like the police and the newspaper are biased.

    I think that’s the whole point of this particular piece, no?

  13. That was my point in original blog post, that law enforcement is selectively exerted in cases involving the County Board Chairman.

    (Personally, I don’t consider either case rises to standard of credible death threat.

    (But, if one is going to have local law enforcement expend protection resources, the other deserves similar.

    (If one gets front page newspaper coverage, the other deserves media mention if only to compare and contrast dissimilar reactions by law enforcement.)

  14. However I understand that others with small children or local businesses are right to feel threatened.

    There are intimidation tactics used against people who have tried to stand up to protect taxpayers.

    I am not trying to diminish anyone else’s legitimate concerns.

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