Tribune Endorses Joe Tirio for County Clerk, Tiffany Davis & Robert Wilbrandt for Judge — 25 Comments

  1. Wow! The Illinois Integrity Fund has even created a website! IMO the site has the signature of Franks / Craver and company all over it!

    Politicians such as Jack Franks have totally corrupted politics with their legalized hate speech (Supreme says it is legal for politicians to lie) and now they are screwing with the English language – integrity?

    The County Recorder attends a seminar and the crooks of the County want you to believe he was on vacation?

    Now take a look at
    There you find some actual truth.

    Wonder how much ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Jason’ are getting paid?

  2. Someone just robocalled and dumped all over Tirio. Very nasty this year. I would never vote for anyone using that kind of underhanded tactic. The paid trolls that are on line are ridiculous. Put it all together and they have managed to turn voting into a joke with all these types of shenanigans. Plus you have the gross negligence and outright fraud within the system of voting. Good luck with all that. I’m tagging out until people start acting with integrity.

  3. Following is contact info for ARDC (Attorney registration and Disciplinary Committee).

    When one has personal knowledge of ethical violations by licensed attorneys (known instances of defamation, intimidation, etc.) one should lodge an ARDC complaint against the licensed attorney.

    There may be actual consequences for the offender.

    Blog posts are not effective, but litigation and ethics complaints to a committee with teeth may be.
    We won’t know unless we try.


    Overview of ARDC | Lawyer Registration | Department Directory | Board Member Roster | ARDC Annual Reports


    Please click here to contact the ARDC Registration Department.

    Email inquiries seeking general ARDC information may be directed to Contact the webmaster at

    The ARDC can also be contacted by regular mail, telephone or by facsimile at:
    Chicago Office
    One Prudential Plaza
    130 East Randolph Drive
    Suite 1500
    Chicago, IL 60601-6219

    Phone (312) 565-2600
    Phone (800) 826-8625 (within IL)
    Main Fax (312) 565-2320
    Registration Fax (312) 565-0997


    Springfield Office
    3161 West White Oaks Drive
    Suite 301
    Springfield, IL 62704

    Phone (217) 546-3523
    Phone (800) 252-8048 (within IL)
    Fax (217) 546-3785

    For information about how to request an investigation by the ARDC, please click here.

    ARDC offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the exception of Commission Holidays.

    IARDC ®:online access to registration and discipline information regarding Illinois lawyers
    presented by the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission.

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  4. What the ECK is going on???

    You and the Democrats have reached an all time low.

    Partisan lies never work out for the ones who spread them.

    Tirio’s an altar boy.

    I see the strategy tho.

    This is his race to lose.

    Try running on your record or truth.

    Tall order for you.

  5. Got a garbage telephone message from 815-347-9049 dumping on Joe Tirio. It was put on the recorder shortly after 11 am. It was a lady’s voice supporting Janice Dalton who according to the NW Herald on Jan 8 2018, filed for bankruptcy same day she filed to run for County Clerk.

  6. Tribune also states that Dalton filed for bankruptcy same day she filed.

  7. Well deserved for Wilbrandt and Tiffany. Joel Berg will stay on as an Associate Judge, it’s a win-win.

  8. Heard it.

    It said she was Janice Dalton and paid for by her.

    Fool can’t run on her own accomplishment (or many life’s screw ups) so she’s mirroring exactly what a Democrat-style hit piece mailer said.

    Can’t even do her own Campaign op-research.

    Or maybe she’s working With the Democrats.

    Wouldn’t want to be related to her.

    Gambling, Bankruptcy, Misappropriation of estranged husbands funds?

    No wonder he’s estranged.

  9. I loved the reason they gave for Wilbrandt: because he worked there before. And he is a “clear choice” and “reasons”.

  10. Berg got Buuuuurrrrrnnnned!

    More semi-competent females needed!

    At least she ain’t as crooked as Typhoid Mary.

  11. At least Wilbrandt didn’t drop a loaded gun at the P.O.

    At least W didn’t call a special session to let a Miller flunkey outa the hoosgow.

    But he’s really a bad Thespian, who performed his lowbrow acts before paying customers. And he’s a well-known sexagenarian, too! He won’t deny it!

    And he once tried to interest an 11 year old boy in philately.

  12. I don’t think Berg, got Buurned. I think the endorsement is for more of the same. If your in, your the pick. It really is not all that indepth in judge races as the write up clearly indicates. No particulars, just this guy or that girl is the clear choice with no real reason given. Should be as helpful as a recommendation from your neighbor, you know the one with the cat that has the thing.

  13. LOL Justin, I agree with the fact that Wilbrandt’s a bad actor (thespian) and not so hot of a lawyer or Judge if he signs stuff without reading first.

    That’s something I wouldn’t admit to doing even if I were that stupid.

    Is he trying to make himself sound like a victim “I can’t opt out”.

    He could be more honest by saying “I cannot opt out but I can certainly contract to donate to Turning Point or any other County chairites etc.

    Because no one can make you take or keep money.
    (which gives me an idea…..)

    Also, he should have revealed that McClusterfnck was Wrong, Lying and CAN opt out.

    She’s just not willing to.

    And he didn’t want people to know the truth.

    Demetri is the only Judicial Candidate that doesn’t want to get rich off the gold-plated pension.

    That’s just the truth.

  14. I still wonder why there’s all this money behind Dimitri.

    He’s a nice enough guy but I can’t help but wonder why the party machinery thinks it’s so important to make him a judge.

  15. Surely you don’t think the local Republican Party finances primary campaigns.

  16. Joe K you are connected to the weasel!

    Or should I say jackal.

    Or should I say the pachyderm-politico?

  17. Let’s just say Wilbrandt won’t get the big bucks for his hobby in acting.

    JoeK, As far as Demetri being ‘so important to win this race,’ why couldn’t it be to elect the most ethical candidate for Judge?

    Not to mention he’s very giving of his time to the community.

    Wilbrandt’s spending a lot of money, yet no mention.

    According to Ray Flava, Wilbrandt’s spending the most.

  18. @Joe And we figured it out, Demitri doesn’t want to get rich on the Judge Pension because … he is already very wealthy.

    So is that the way we want to give out judgeships, based on the rich guy not taking a pension.

    Seems fine to me.

  19. I wouldn’T vote for Demetri Tsilimigras as an assistant states attorney he dropped charges on a home invader trespasser because he told me straight to my face McHenry County doesn’T have to follow Supreme Court rule. How can we have a Judge that ignores Supreme Court rule?

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