Wilbrandt Promotes Fellow Lawyers’ Views of His Candidacy — 12 Comments

  1. My standards for an Illinois Judge are, that they be able to drive a stick shift and be able to lift 20 lbs. over their head.

  2. Wonder how many signs Wilbrandt, McClellan put in the ground themselves?

    Saw Demetri putting them in one day!

    Work ethic which keeps showing up again and again in this campaign!

  3. As he should! It screams loudly of how his peers see the candidates.

  4. Things they won’t tell you.

    The survey only included members of the ISBA.

    It was very poorly responded to (something like 100 responses for 400 ballots) And the last time Wilbrandt was in it when he wasn’t a judge he got record low scores.

    So it appears that attorneys vote for sitting judges an wee wee all over the others.

    As always the winners say it was great the losers say it’s unreliable and you as a non insider don’t know WTF is going on.

    So it doesn’t speak all that loudly.

  5. Wow. Dimitri put a sign up. What is going on in this race? Why are people so determined to put him in that seat?

  6. @JoeK

    Demetri has been very active politically with the so called reformers in Algonquin Township.

    Most of the people singing his praises from the rooftops are in that camp.

  7. @sayitaintso

    I saw Wilbrandt walking door to door talking to people, and from what I heard his brother has been walking every weekend, too.

    Demitri isn’t the only one out there. A

    s someone who has helped with campaigns in the past, I know from experience that it’s a lot of hard work.

    The walking never ends.

  8. Demetri is honest.

    Wilbrandt sends out hit pieces but at least they are fact filled.

    I’ve never seen a judicial candidate score a full fledged fail such as 10% out of 100 and McClellan just did.

  9. Thanks for sharing that link Martin.

    If you have more such information, I would love to pass it along to members of my community.

  10. This has to be from McClellan. It’s got a glaring typo.

    That idiot woman can’t even get a hit piece out without error!!!!!

    “”I’m a lawyer!””


    No, you’re a screw-up!

    Let’s not forget she said it herself

    “I’m working closely with Jack Franks”

    That says it all.

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